Amazon Launches Lawn Mowing Service Featuring Goats

Amazon Lawn Service - Rent a Goat

Do you want to have your lawn mowed by professionals? How about professional goats? The team at Amazon has launched an eco-friendly lawn mowing service as part of the e-tailer’s growing list of home services.

While Amazon lawn care services are still rolling out, the company has wasted no time in adding goats to the roster of available rental services.

The goat rental service is not available in all areas at this time. For example, Amazon’s home turf in Seattle is covered by the goat rental program, while other areas are lacking in that particular offering.

If you think goat rental for the purpose of lawn mowing is an outright silly idea, just keep in mind that Google uses nearly 200 goats to keep the company’s Mountain View campus grass looking trim.

As an added bonus the goats will fertilize your grass at no additional cost while they cut your lawn with every bite.

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