Amanda Bynes Charged with Two Counts of Hit and Run

Amanda Bynes is in a bind…again. The former child star-turned-driving terrorist is facing criminal charges over two alleged hit-and-runs that occurred this year.

Bynes, best known for her role on the TV series All That and What I Like About You, was involved in two accidents, on April 10 and Aug. 4. The latter incident involved Bynes rear-ending a Toyota, stepping out briefly to declare no damage had been done and then driving off. Authorities later determined that the crash had caused $800 worth of damage and that Bynes failed to exchange insurance information with the other driver and notify the police — as required by law.

Of course, if you’ve been keeping up with your celebrity gossip, you already know that Bynes’ driving often gets her in trouble with the law. Earlier this year, the 26-year-old was arrested after allegedly grazing a sheriff’s patrol car. She was suspected to have been driving under the influence of alcohol at the time, but pleaded not guilty.

Bynes is now seeking help from high places to clear her name, publicly calling on President Barack Obama for assistance. On Wednesday, she tweeted:

“Hey @BarackObama…I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

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