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Alyse Lahti Johnston, picture above, is the latest blonde in the life of Tiger Woods

Alyse Lahti Johnston is Tiger Woods’ newest girlfriend. The 22 year old from Cleveland was revealed to be the newest plaything for Tiger by the Daily Mail.

They’ve been dating for a few months now, and visual confirmation has been obtained (the Daily Mail has sources who have seen the two on Woods’ yacht).

RadarOnline obtained a text from Johnston saying “she didn’t consider herself Tiger’s girlfriend. They were just having a good time hooking up.” That certainly sounds right up Tiger’s alley. I have to think he’ll think twice before taking the marriage plunge again at any point in the future. Johnston is currently studying at Ohio-based Northwood University, which has a Florida campus for some reason. And she likes to party, as you can see from her DUI mugshot pictured below.

Here’s Alyse Johnston’s Facebook account (looks like she’s a Buckeye!), and we’ll update this with more pictures as we find them.

Alyse Lahti Johnston DUI Mugshot

Do you think Alyse Lahti Johnston Resemble Elin Nordegren?

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