Allegations of a Sex Slave Come Into Question

Former friends of the woman who accused Jeffery Epstein of keeping her as his sex slave claims that she was actually a “money-hungry sex kitten” who enjoyed her lavish lifestyle.”

Virginia Roberts, the alleged sex slave is currently in the middle of a lawsuit which claims she had been recruited to join Epstein’s harem of underage women in back in 1999. Her lawsuit is also against also claims that Prince Andrew and attorney Alan Dershowitz as two of the men she was forced to service.

However, people that were once close to 31 year old Roberts have come forward saying she enjoyed her role as his “travelling masseuse” and never once acted as though she was being held against her will.


Roberts’ former boyfriend, Philip Guderyon, who used drive her to Epstein’s friends beach mansion in Florida, told  New York Daily News: “She was like the head bitch. She’d have like nine or 10 girls she used to bring to him. He also added: “She never looked like she was being held captive, “She and the other girls would walk out of there smiling, with their little bathing suits on, like they had just come from the beach.

“She’d have like $4,000. And then I’d take them all to the mall and they’d get their nails done.”

Crystal Figueroa, whose brother had once dated Roberts in the early part of 2000, told the Daily News that Roberts often asked her if she knew anyone “slutty” so they she could send them to Epstein.


It was revealed last month that Roberts accused two teen males of rape when she was 14 which brought her credibility into question.

Roberts’ lawyers says her previous allegations do not change the fact she was used for underage sex.

Attorney Sigrid McCawleysaid said in a statement: “To say that our client acquiesced in this abuse, or that the abuse was OK because she was paid for it — leaves out the fact that this is why we have laws in the United States to protect minor children who are groomed and sexually trafficked by adults.’

Epstein served 13 months in a Florida prison after pleading guilty in 2008 for soliciting a minor for prostitution.

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