“All My Children” Cancelled?

Is All My Children (AMC) in danger of being cancelled? Pine Valley has been the premier destination for drama for ABC Daytime fans for over 41 years, but a trend of falling ratings and a bleak outlook for the future of television soap operas could leave the popular residents of the Pennsylvania town looking for a new network to call home.

On Tuesday, Deadline.com tattles joined Daytime Confidential as the latest media to report that The Alphabet Network is considering reducing its afternoon drama lineup from three to two hours. Such a move would make the network a contender to pick up one of a flurry of new talk shows reportedly being planned for the 2011-2012 season, including ones hosted by Katie Couric, former Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling, and ’90s chat show gal Ricki Lake. In disappointing news for soap fans, however, the proposal has put AMC squarely in the line of fire for cancellation.

Well — we haven’t heard news this depressing since ABC did away with its Saturday Morning Cartoon lineup!

Soaps have been familiar residents on the chopping block in recent years. NBC yanked the Young Adult favorite Passions in 2007 and CBS axed both As the World Turns and Guiding Light in the past two years. The former of which was the longest-running soap opera in television history.

“ABC seems ready to join CBS and NBC in cutting the number of its daytime dramas. All My Children appears to be the most vulnerable for cancellation, and there is speculation that it may be replaced by a a talk show in the fall,” Deadline said Tuesday.

An announcement about the show’s fate is expected by Wednesday.

Would you be disappointed to see AMC go?

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