Alison Gold Sex-Charged “Shush You” Video Puts Patrice Wilson on Hot Seat

Avert your eyes!

There’s something about seeing a tween twerking in booty shorts and a crop top, that sends shivers down our spine. Yeah…that’s also probably why producers of Alison Gold’s new music video, “Shush You,” are under fire for sexualizing the 11-year-old.

The promo debuted Tuesday — complete with prison cell dancing in platforms and booty-popping in front of construction workers — to the horror of social media dwellers. The clip opens with young Alison dressing up like a streetwalker and getting arrested for robbing a jewelry store. As the video continues, a still scantily-clad Gold shows off bust out some moves with a few twerkers.

The sex-charged video has since inspired a host of disgusted rants from disturbed YouTubers. Most “Shush You” critics point the blame at Alison’s “producer,” ARK Music Factory founder Patrice Wilson.

Warning: Strong Language!

You might not know his name, but believe us, you’ve seen his work. Wilson produced Alison “breakout” song “Chinese Food.” The equally painful tune was a viral smash, receiving over 3,000,000 views in 24 hours and reaching No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 — despite receiving no radio airplay.

Wilson was also the creative genius behind “Friday,” the so bad it’s sad debut from wannabe pop tart Rebecca Black.

As annoying as that song was…at least Rebecca was clothed in the video.

Warning: Strong Language!

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