Ali Lohan: Model

Say hello to Ali Lohan — Future Supermodel.

Not to be confused with Ali Lohan — Former Future Pop Starlet.

Lindsay Lohan’s 17-year-old sister (Yep — the same one who released the laughable single “All the Way Around” a few years ago…) is about to become a professional “smizer” (That’s short for “eye smiler,” for those not in the know…) after scoring a multi-year modeling contract with NEXT Model Management.

“We are very excited to be representing Aliana Lohan. She represents the future face of fashion and will be a photographer’s dream with her chameleon-like beauty,” says NEXT Los Angeles Director Alexis Borges.

Is that just their polite way of saying she has an “interesting” face and a lucrative surname?

Ali — who happens to be a size 2, thank you very much — has done a bit of modeling in the past. She appeared in the campaign for big sister Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 Spring/Summer 2011 campaign (See those images above…), and we’ve gotta say she does scrub up quite nicely with a bit of Photoshop and eyebrow-pruning. But let’s be honest: the girl looks about 35, not 17. Maybe that’s what they meant by “chameleon-like beauty?”

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