“True Blood” Alexander Skarsgard Paparazzi Standoff Coachella 2010

This weekend’s star-studded Coachella Music & Arts ended on a sour note for True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard — he had to be restrained by police after losing his cool with an aggressive photographer, who relentlessly snapped pics as the star tried to enjoy a live set with his rumored girlfriend, actress Kate Bosworth.

Alexander was photographed being physically restrained by multiple people including a police officer at the festival on Saturday night.bAccording to Sunday’s Huffington Post, the 33-year-old actor became enraged after the photographer refused to stop taking pictures of him with Kate.

The altercation was quickly diffused and no one was arrested.

Coachella 2010 also featured appearances by Katy Perry, Jay-Z & Beyonce, and Paris & Nicky Hilton.

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