Alexa Chung V Magazine: “I Can’t Tolerate Douche Bags”

British talk show host Alexa Chung inherited TRL’s time slot over the summer, but she’s just not clicking with the Americans on her hit MTV show It’s On with Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung V Magazine

Chung lives in Brooklyn’s hot neighborhood, Williamsburg, but she hasn’t been so successful when it comes to making friends in New York. “I don’t really have any friends in America.”

“Well, I have some friends,” Chung tells V Magazine. “But I’m working all the time, and, also, I just think that I’m a good judge of character….I just can’t tolerate douche bags.”

Chung’s daily show is a smash but when her contract with MTV ends, will the 25-year-old return to native England?

“I don’t know. I went to a wedding last weekend [in England] and when I got back here I was quite relieved to be home in New York. Whoa, I guess that’s the first time I actually said that and meant it: ‘Home in New York.'”

For more of Alexa Chung’s interview, check out the newest issue of V Magazine.

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