‘Agents of SHIELD’ Spinoff Series In Development For ABC, Marvel Is At It Again

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It seems that Marvel is out to make a film or series for just about everything that they possibly can at this point, and the latest project in development is a spin-off to the popular ABC series Agents of SHIELD.

The ABC series has yet to receive a renewal for season 3, but with the announcement of a possible spin-off, it seems all but guaranteed at this point. This is huge for fans of everything Marvel and especially those who have enjoyed getting to know the SHIELD team over the past two seasons.

Due to it being in the early stages and also not wanting to spoil anything on the current series, there is almost no information on a title or any characters that will be involved with the upcoming spin off, but it is still exciting to know that a new series will be hitting the network eventually.

Agents of SHIELD has been growing in popularity ever since its launch in the fall of 2013 and it has been packing on the guest stars in the second season including Kyle MacLachlan, Edward James Olmos, and Lucy Lawless, which has also pit certain SHIELD team members against one another.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly growing and now the television worlds are expanding as well. Daredevil is set to hit Netflix tomorrow with a recent reveal featuring a connection to SHIELD by including the character of Car Creel, the first character to appear in multiple Marvel shows.

The Agents Of SHIELD spin-off will be presented by SHIELD executive producer Jeffrey Bell and writer Paul Zbyszewski. They revealed that story elements that are still to come on SHIELD this year will be used to lay the groundwork for the potential new series.

The spin-off’s plot details should be clear by the end of the SHIELD season, and with Avengers: Age Of Ultron coming to theaters soon, that film could drastically change the course of action on both shows as well. The events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier contributed in large part to the plot of Agents Of SHIELD with Hydra’s infiltration that tore apart the organization.

Agents Of SHIELD currently averages 7.4 million viewers and a 2.8 rating among adults 18-49. Skye has certainly been one of the main parts of the show recently after her recent transformation, but until any official announcement, the characters on the spin-off will be totally up for speculation.

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