Afroman Punches Woman on Stage

“Because I Got High” rapper Afroman was booked for assault after punching a female fan who had gotten onstage during a free concert in Biloxi Mississippi. Yesterday Afroman was arrested and subsequently booked on charges of assault after the rapper had allegedly assaulted a woman.  The 40-year-old “Because I Got High” singer was in the mist of playing guitar when the female fan approached him coming from behind; it appeared that she was trying to dance up against him, according to the video that was obtained by TMZ  of the incident.


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The rapper’s whose real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman, appeared to out of nowhere clobber the woman with a right-handed punch with such force that the woman flew off her feet. The woman falling hard to the ground after the blow reportedly was bleeding and crying.



According to Witnesses from the concert, Afroman kept performing until the house lights came back on and the music was stopped. The bleeding woman was helped off the stage by security. Reports state the aggressive rapper has since been released from custody after paying a $330 bond.  Cops came and stopped the show, escorted him off stage wearing an over-sized white overcoat and handcuffs. Video provided by TMZ shows Afroman in handcuffs being led away by the police outside of the Kress Live music venue.

Afroman, who is living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was performing during a free Fat Tuesday concert which was sponsored by both Kress Live and Play the Coast. A representative for Afroman said “the rapper didn’t know if the fan was a man or a woman and just reacted to someone being on the stage. He also added the incident was completely out of character for Afroman.”


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