Adrian Peterson Is Back With The Minnesota Vikings Following Lengthy Suspension

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Adrian Peterson could have joined a variety of teams in the NFL after being reinstated, but he has decided to return to the team that made him a star. He was officially reinstated by the NFL in April ending his suspension that began in November.

Whether he will have the same kind of impact that he used to will be determined in the coming seasons, but as of 2015, fans will see him in a Vikings uniform again.

He has played with the Minnesota Vikings since entering the NFL and perhaps feels that it is the best fit for him and the team also put their foot down saying that he could either play for them or not at all.

Adrian Peterson wanted to rejoin the Minnesota Vikings since it was what he knew, but it took a bit of sorting out to get him a new contract with the team. When Peterson was cleared by the league to return to the Vikings, there were issues with his contract and its insufficient amount of guaranteed money beyond 2015, causing a bit of trouble that needed to be worked out first.

There was speculation that he would be traded for a while, but it seems that the Vikings cherish him too much on the field to want to give him up and they suffered greatly after his suspension last fall.

Whatever the Vikings did in order to convince him to stay with the team, it seems to have worked, and he will be joining the team for their offseason practices right away. The Vikings will have to work hard in order to compete in the NFC North with the Lions and Packers dominating the division each year and need every weapon they can get.

Adrian Peterson has come to the decision that it’s in the best interest of everyone for him to resume his NFL career even if he doesn’t get all of the money that he deserves, with no further talks of his contract scheduled.

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