Adnan Ghalib Male Sex Product Tester: Adnan Ghalib Product Reviewer

Rumor: Britney’s boyfriend has a small pee-pee. Adnan Ghalib is apparently an authority on penile implants, male enhancement creams, and other products marketed toward guys who come up a little short below the belt. The paparazzo is listed as a paid reviewer on male enhancement products for a website called The website is describes itself as Your Official Source For Male Sexual Health Products! Adnan is alleged to be a part of the Sex Health Review test panel, where the photog serves as a genital guinea pig using his wee-wee to test out male enhancement products. It’s official, this guy will do anything for the cash!

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Check out one of Adnan’s postings:

Name: Adnan G.
Age: 28
Current Occupation: Filmmaker

Tell Us a Little Something About Yourself:

I work in “the” industry in Los Angeles and I know many of my friends use these products. Thought this would be an interesting opportunity to reveal the truth to many men worldwide.

The posting has Adnan’s age listed as twenty-eight years old, he is actually thirty-five years of age, so we can’t vouch for the veracity of this posting. But boy do we hope this one turns out to be true! Either way, it’s funny as hell.

Much Love To Mary and Her Gossip-Lovin’ Hubby John For Sending This Over! Thanks Guys!

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