Adidas Launches Star Studded Superstar Ad Campaign Video



Four of the most talented and famous individuals have been snapped up by adidas to promote their latest footwear campaign.

David Beckham, Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams and Damian Lillard have officially been recognized as the world’s biggest superstars.

To launch the brand’s Superstar shoe, adiadas Originals launched a global campaign where the footballer (soccer player), singer, music mogul, and basketball legend,  each ask us what we think it means to be a Superstar in 2015.

In the video, we see a glimpse of each of the four’s lives and the stardom they posses.

Rita: “If you think a Superstar is standing on stage, filling up stadiums, and selling out concert halls…”
Damian: “If you think a Superstar is being spoken about, staying relevant…”
Pharrell: “If you think a Superstar is people only having to use you’re first name and know who you are…”
David: “If you think a Superstar is keeping fans happy…”
Rita: “If you think a Superstar is people wanting to know where you are, who you’re with, reading about what you had for breakfast, or caring about what you wear at what event…”
Pharrell: “If you think a Superstar is having a stylist…”
David: “Security..”
Damian: “Being unpredictable..”
Rita: “Being The Face, The Name, The Signature…”
David: “If you think a Superstar is people on the street…”
Rita: “People in other countries…”
Pharrell: “People you’ll never meet…”
Damian: “Telling you that you’re special…”
Rita: “If you think that’s what makes you a Superstar…”

“Than I Am Not A Superstar”

The Superstar shoe was first released by Adidas in 1969 as a basketball trainer.

Although originally conceived as a sportswear shoe its popularity spread culturally and it is now one of the most iconic trainers ever designed.

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