Adele and Jimmy Fallon’s Band The Roots Perform ‘Hello’ [WATCH]


Adele’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon yielded so many wonderful things. From a great interview between Adele and Jimmy telling each other how much they love the other, to a hysterical round of “Box of Lies,” and now, to this gorgeous rendition of “Hello” with backing music by Fallon’s band The Roots.

Jimmy’s on a Casio keyboard and bass drum, while the rest of the band provided music from hand clappers, a kazoo, a ukelele, bongos, tambourine, and a banana shaker. As for Adele, all she needs are those impressive, perfect pipes of hers (and a lime-green prop flip-phone, of course).

We already knew Adele was mega-talented, but there’s something about this rendition of “Hello” that displays Adele’s full vocal range—maybe the lack of conventional music makes her shine even more.

Lisa Lo Paro
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