Adam Sandler Shares Heartfelt And Emotional Song For David Letterman [Watch]


Sandler may be known for his inappropriate antics on screen and hated by some, but he got on The Late Show With David Letterman last night and proved to everyone that he can be sweet and emotional too.

He used to sing and play his guitar on Saturday Night Live, but it has been a number of years since most people have seen him play a song, and none that have been like this one.

Sandler, like many celebrities, wanted to pay tribute to the legendary host of late-night. He shared many sweet notes in the song such as “Yeah buddy, I’ll miss you, the whole world’s gonna miss you.”

Adam Sandler has had a long history with the host and called him the king of comedy during the song, stating that he was getting really emotional before he began to play it.

Prior to Sandler appearing as one of the final guests on the show, a couple of musicians have appeared and played sweet songs that he used to sing to his son as a kid including First Aid Kit.

In addition to the sweet and emotional side of the song, he also offered up a fair amount of his raunchy humor throughout, which Letterman seemed to appreciate. He delivered lines such as “There simply is no better man than good ol’ David Letterman / And no one makes my mother wetter than David Letterman.”

That line made the audience cringe a bit, as you can imagine, but then he gave a shoutout to his mom saying that he told him. David Letterman has done a lot for musicians over the years, which makes it even more fitting that Sandler would choose to give him a musical tribute instead of just saying sweet words in an interview.

Adam Sandler admitted that he had been working on the song for a long time before getting up from the couch to grab his guitar and play it. David Letterman’s final show will air on May 20th at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.

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