Adam Lambert: “‘American Idol’ Will Survive Without Simon”

Talent show stars-turned-singing sensations Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle will join The Queen of Talk on the Oprah stage this Tuesday.

Susan will share her Cinderella story of going from total obscurity to Billboard stardom while Adam Lambert allows Oprah’s cameras an exclusive glimpse inside his new life as a glam rock star.

Speaking of Adam Lambert, the former American Idol finalist is sad to see Idol judge Simon Cowell leave the competition, but he’s certain the ratings juggarnaut will keep rolling. Adam believes that the show’s success is all about the contestants and viewers.

“Ultimately, after the first couple weeks of auditions, the audience tunes in every week for the contestants,” Lambert reveals to Oprah. “[Audiences] grow fond of one or a couple of the people and they get behind them, and they’re invested in them. And of course, it’s great to hear… what Simon’s going to say. But we tune in to hear the contestants blossom or not.”

The show will go on, but Adami fears future hopefuls will miss out on the chance to grow vocally from Simon’s signature biting critiques.

“The contestants will miss out on, like, really honest criticism. Sometimes it can be a little personal, and I know other contestants took it to heart sometimes and got really stressed out about what he would say…[But] I think that that’s important to making you a better performer… You’ve got to hear the good and the bad.”

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