‘Absolutely Anything’ Trailer Showcases Simon Pegg In Fun Comedy, Robin Williams Voices Dog [Watch]


Absolutely Anything has released its first trailer and while many people probably have not heard of the film yet, it will certainly be on the radar for comedy fans now. Robin Williams tragically passed away last year but thankfully, he still has more to give us.

This film will be a must-see for fans of British comedy as it brings Simon Pegg together with Monty Python cast members and comedy legends John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin & Eric Idle, who provide their voices for a group of aliens.

The film follows Neil (Simon Pegg), a disillusioned school teacher, who is suddenly able to do anything that he wishes, a power that is granted to him by the power-crazed aliens who watch him stumbling around with his newly-discovered powers on Earth. Through the struggles, he calls on his loyal dog, Dennis, who is voiced by Robin Williams and begins to speak upon his wish.


Absolutely Anything will be one of Williams’ final two films along with Boulevard, a drama that is expected to be released on July 17th. Unfortunately for fans in the U.S., the new Simon Pegg-starring comedy does not have a release date yet, although it can be seen starting August 14th in the U.K.

Like any human who receives extraordinary powers, Neil chooses to use them for things like looking at his downstairs neighbor and getting dressed without having to do anything, but unless he can learn to use his powers for good, Earth may be screwed.

While the trailer makes it look a bit like a British version of Bruce Almighty, the comedy geniuses involved should help this film become a hilarious success. Terry Jones is directing from a screenplay by Gavin Scott.

Absolutely Anything has a supporting cast that includes Kate Beckinsale, Eddie Izzard, Joanna Lumley, and Sanjeev Bhaskar. Stay tuned for more info on when this film will reach theaters in the United States.

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