Raven-Symone’s “State Of Georgia” Axed By ABC Family

For former child star Raven-Symone, teen stardom was a breeze. But when it comes to keeping her career afloat on the right side of 21, the newly slimmed-down actress is finding that everything ain’t “So Raven.”

Raven’s shortlived sitcom State of Georgia was cancelled by ABC Family on Friday, Los Angeles Times TV columnist Greg Braxton reports. If you missed it – and apparently you, us, and a whole lotta folks did — the ex-Cosby Kid played an aspiring actress who leaves her South roots in the dust to launch her career in The Big Apple. In the series, she continued much of the over-the-top mugging in display in That’s So Raven, once the biggest hit to grace The Disney Channel.

Before Hannah Montana came along, of course.

The cancellation is the latest in a string of notable stumbles for Symone, including the box flop College Road Trip, an aborted “Pajama Party” stadium tour, and a low-selling album.

Braxton writes: “Raven-Symone first gained popularity as the adorable moppet on The Cosby Show and became a squeaky-clean tween fixture on the Disney Channel is finding the road to more adult projects a bit bumpy, despite attracting attention for a slimmed-down figure after losing about 40 pounds. During an interview with The Times in July to promote the series, the actress was a bit testy and abrupt, downplaying her career shortfalls and declining to discuss her strikingly different appearance…”

Braxton’s article also points out that ABC Family renewed Make It or Break It and given a back-order pickup to its new drama, The Lying Game.

She could always stage a reunion with the Cheetah Girls. After the disaster that was “Spectacular,” Kiely Williams could likely use a career revival as well.

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