Aaron Carter Tax Debt The Result Of “Mismanagement”

A manager for pop star Aaron Carter has blamed the 21-year-old crooner’s ginormous debt to Uncle Sam on his former management team – insisting the star was completely “unaware” he owed $1 million in back taxes until the media got ahold of the massive tax lien on Tuesday.

Aaron Carter

The singer, whose brother is Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, was recently eliminated from Dancing with the Stars and he got another shock when he found out he owes the Internal Revenue Service a whopping $1,010,635 in unpaid taxes dating back to 2003.

“It is unfortunate that while Aaron was a minor, his finances were grossly mismanaged by his previous team which has lead to the current situation of which he was unaware of until today,” says Johnny Wright, Aaron’s manager. “Aaron is working with a new team to take appropriate actions towards speedy resolution of the matter and looks forward to putting this behind him and moving forward with the next stage of his music career.”

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