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A Jolie New Year


Ah, Angelina Jolie.

I don’t think anyone can say they aren’t fascinated in some way by this unpredictable, neurotic and hot actress. Chicks want to be her and guys want to do her. And while Hollywood.com has named her ‘Entertainer of the Year,’ it’s been her private life that most people find fascinating.

One minute she’s sucking on Billy Bob’s tonsils, the next minute she’s adopting a Cambodian child.

One minute she tounging her brother, the next minute she’s the goodwill ambassador to Thailand.

Never a dull moment!

Now, amidst the whole Brad Pitt fiasco, current tabloid headlines are claiming that Pitt and Jolie have gotten married and that Angie may be pregnant. And her appearance on ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ on Bravo this year was FASCINATING. Here was a woman who knew she was on the hot seat, but remained poised and gave honest answers. James Lipton only asked her about Brad Pitt professionally, but she smiled broadly as if to say ‘Here we go!’ and spoke a little too revealingly about her respect for him as a man and an actor.

Despite her irratic/creepy behavior and Pitt’s destroyed marriage to Jennifer Aniston, I admire Jolie. It seems to me that having grown up in show business she’s been seeking sure footing. Now as a 30-year-old woman, I see a genuine desire to be and do more than her celebrity. I don’t think anyone can predict what the next year will bring for Ms. Jolie, but it’s bound to be entertaining and maybe even inspiring. So lets all raise a glass, tounge our brother and toast Angelina Jolie!


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