A Hipster With Half A Beard? Maybe He’s Wearing It Ironically

Hipster Half BeardAdrian Alacorn spent a full four months growing out his hipster-friendly beard, then he cut it off. Before he finished his shave, Alcorn left half of his manly facial hair in place and had some fun with his new half beard.

From army men and cars to dinosaurs and ants, Alacorn has a weirdly fun artistic vision for the right half of his face.

The Chocolate Half Beard

Chocolate Half Beard

Army In A Half Beard.

Chocolate Half Beard

Taking His Half Beard To The Movies

Half Beard Hipster at the Movies

Jurassic Hipster Beard

Half Beard Hipster with Dinosaurs

The Jigsaw Half Beard

Half Beard Jigsaw Puzzle

This One Is Just Strange

Half Beard Pink People

Pin A Beard ON A Hipster

Half Beard With Pins

Pencil Shavings Beard Replacement

Half Beard with shaved pencil pieces

ANT Beard

Hipster Beard With Ants

Beard Turned Into Cockroaches

Hipster Half Beard Cockroaches

Car Beard

Hipster Half Beard with Cars
Alacorn’s beard photos are oddly fun and his facial expressions definitely add to their appearl.

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