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A Fuego Maximo, A Topless Cooking Channel Sets YouTube On Fire


A 24 Year Old Argentinian lady’s topless cooking channel on YouTube, which has officially gathered over half a million views since its March 10th launch — is setting Youtube on fire.

The chef better known to us as Jenn, prefers to wear minimal clothing, and to hide — well the lushest of her apple’s behind her own ingredients. Jenn’s recipes are simple, yet they look delicious.

I personally spent a good 15 minutes checking the authenticity of the recipes, and was left with the realization that while she inspires to help men cook, my guess is most latin men are leaving the kitchen a bit more caliente than when they first arrived.


David Paul Krug
David Paul Krug is the founder of PopCrunch, and currently serves as its General Manager. He has 15 years of experience running high traffic websites, and he is a movie addict, and loves independent music, sports, boxing, and UFC.

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