A Disappointing Opening Weekend for New Films, Beyonce Picking Up Her Wedding Dress? Lindsay Lohan Gives Fed-Ex the Cold Shoulder?

hilary swankIt was a disappointing opening weekend for new films. Ben Stiller’s “A Night at the Museum” reclaimed it’s resident Number One spot for the third week in a row. Animated comedy “Happily N’Ever, featuring the vocal “talents” hubby/wifey duo Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar, sluggishly rolled in at sad six. And it looks like Lucy Liu and Cedric the Entertainer aren’t cleaning up in the bank with “Code Name:The Cleaner,” which finished dead last, taking the Number Twelve spot. But perhaps the most disappointing film of the weekend was Hilary Swank’s “Freedom Writers,” which couldn’t even overcome Will Smith’s “pursuit of happiness,” and despite moving radio ads and a starring role by Grey’s Anatomy’s “McDreamy,” only landed at Number Four.

Hilary Swank isn’t sweeping the box office this weekend with the release of her new film “Freedom Writers.” But it was Hilary’s role in Client Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby” that earned the actress her second Best Actresss Academy Award. Now a few little birdies in the Big Apple are reporting that the swank blue Guy Larouche backless evening gown that Hilary wore to accept her “Million Dollar” Oscar has just been picked up by Beyonce in a stellar shade of white.

The “Dreamgirls” star stopped by the Guy Larouche Flagship Store on Fifty-Seventh Street in Manhattan and bought the gown without even trying it on, say Larouche sales reps, who were gushing over how sweet the Texas bred beauty was (but no mention of Bee’s heavily rumored Akins Diet induced “bad breath.)” So could this dress couple with Beyonce’s bootylicious curves and legendary strawberry blonde weave to accentuate the perfect wedding day ensemble with a certain hip-hop mogul? After all, Jayonce wedding rumors have kicked into hight gear off the last few months. Plus hip-hop’s most honorable couple spent the holidays vactioning in the Dominican Republic and check out living venues. The couple spent some time checking out Casa de Campo. The private community, designed by Oscar de la Renta, features an enclave of secluded beaches, Fire and EMT units, and twenty swimming pools.

Lindsey LohanJust when it looked like Kevin Federline had finally decided to grace the American public with a highly anticipated disappearance, he instead decided to try a snag a few dates with a resident member of Hollywood’s rich and alcoholic. Apparently married men are big business in Hollywood. And who had the distinction of being Fed-Ex’s first post-Britney victim? According to reports, none other than Lindsay Lohan.

Twenty-eight year old Kevin approached the twenty-year old soon to be AA graduate while she was out on the town on December 22, just before recently having her appendix removed. Kev reportedly used the timeless bar pick-up prompt, “We should hang out,” to which Lindsay sharply shot back, “Why would I hang out with you?” Hey, that’s not a bad question, especially considering that just a few weeks ago liquor-loving Lindsay and party girl Paris Hilton were hooping it up all over L.A with Kev’s estranged wife-this during her short-lived “no panties stage.” Sources close to Lindsay report that she was “totally grossed out.” And if you saw his “rap” performance on the Teen Choice Awards, who could blame her? But K-Fed didn’t take this sitting down-“Firecrotch,” he stellarly slurred at her. Oh, you smooth talker. Maybe it would have been funnier, Kev, if Brandon Davis had come up with it first.

Even semi-reformed party girl, Drew Barrymore has a few words of advice for LiLo. Drew told Harper’s Bazaar in their upcoming February 2007 issue: “I know Lindsay and I like her very much… I think – do what you want. Just be professional.”

Well, Drew, not only does LiLo need to be professional, she ought to be a bit more selective, especially if there’s any truth to the rumors squarming around about her and hip-hop producer Scott Storch. Scott, formerly romantically linked to Lil Kim and Paris Hilton, doesn’t have the best track with pop princesses. His feud with Christina lead to her laying down vocals on a track dubbed “Fuck You Scott Storch.”

Scott Storch

Nonetheless, the producer, with a startling resemblance to one of the Rugrats, responsible for 50 Cent’s Candy Shop and 2004’s “runaway hit, Lean Back, reportedly “has a total crush” on Lindsay. A smitten Storch has laced Lindsay with more than a million dollars in jewels, including a diamond ring, diamond earrings, and an iced out necklace. She’s even been spotted behind the wheel of Scott’s Bugatti, for all of you Honda drivers out there, that’s otherwise known as a vehicle with a seven figure price tag.

It’s shocking that Scott can parlay around Miami in a million dollar car when just five months ago he was slapped with a paternity suit in Miami. In August, Dalene Jennifer Daniel claimed that Scott was the father of her then four month old son Jalen. After ignoring the paternity suit, Scott was dubbed the legal and natural father and ordered to pay child support.

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