8 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Adrian Grenier From ‘Entourage’

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Entourage is clearly what Adrian Grenier is known for professionally, but he has done a lot of other cool things throughout his life that will likely surprise some people.

He is a big environmental activist as his big fans are well aware and unlike his character Vincent Chase in Entourage enjoying all of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, his big screen time has been limited and he prefers to keep things simple anyway.

Although Grenier calls Brooklyn, New York home now and has spent most of his life there, he was actually born in New Mexico.

Here are 10 more interesting facts about Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier: 

He co-founded a brewery with his longtime friend Justin Hawkins, a former Nike designer.


In 2012, he and Hawkins co-founded Churchkey Can Company, although they have yet to produce more than one beer as of now. The name of the brewery refers to its flagship beer, which needs to be opened with a can piercer, sometimes referred to as a churchkey. It is how cans were made before the invention of the pop-top, but the type of can has disappeared almost completely. Due to the retro style of the can and its slogan, “It’s worth the effort” that is printed on the can, some people have called it the most hipster beer in the world. The only beer is a Pilsner-style lager with 29 IBUs and 4.9 percent ABV

He is passionate about a variety of causes including fighting the drug war and served as a producer on the film How To Make Money Selling Drugs.

Vincent Chase was known for doing a variety of drugs during Grenier’s time on Entourage and like many others in the country, Grenier feels that the war on drugs has gone on way too long and is doing more harm than it is good. The film was told in a fun way unlike some documentaries in the hopes that it would appeal to more people and featured a 10-step process showing viewers how to make money while selling drugs. The film featured interviews with drug dealers, celebrities, and filmmakers such as David Simon, creator of The Wire.

He cares about animals a lot and just one of the many causes that he fights for regarding animals includes his quest to find The Lonely Whale.

The Lonely Whale received its name because it calls out at 52 Hertz, a frequency that no other whales are able to hear. The animal is being hurt by pollution in the oceans and he recently funded a Kickstarter along with Josh Zeman with the help of thousands of supporters around the world and a big boost from fellow actor and environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio. The team plans to set out on the ocean and complete a documentary about the process by the end of 2016.

He is a musician and has played with multiple bands.

In addition to being a filmmaker, TV and film star, he has also played a bit of music professionally, although clearly not gaining the attention that some actors do when they have music as a side project. He was the leader singer and frontman for the Brooklyn-based band Kid Friendly and plays drums with the alt-folk band, The Honey Brothers. He plays piano, guitar, and the drums.

In addition to playing music on his own, he also started his own music studio, which later turned into Wreckroom Records.

While he originally intended for it just to be a space to be creative and hang out with his friends, creating music, the Wreckroom in his basement has turned into much more, and has been home to some indie bands that are gaining more recognition. His  label invites selected artists to visit its Brooklyn HQ for a full-day session in which they record an original song and film a live performance music video, which is then uploaded online. One indie rock band that recorded at Wreckroom Records, The Skins, recently signed with American Recordings.

He grew up without a father, a story that is chronicled in the documentary Shot In The Dark, released in 2002.

Grenier was raised by his mother, Karesse Grenier, and his father left shortly he was born, never knowing who he was while growing up. They met while still living at a yoga retreat center, and his earliest memory is ringing the bell after a meditation at age 3. The 2002 documentary film covers Adrian’s search to find out who his father was,  and later meet and get to know him.

At first, he wasn’t interested in Entourage due to not wanting to work in TV.

Good thing he changed his mind about that, otherwise most people probably wouldn’t know who Adrian Grenier is. There is no doubt that he has loved the wild ride that Entourage has taken him on since 2004, but that was at a time when TV does not have nearly the popularity that it does today and clearly he wanted to make movies just like his TV counterpart. The series ended up having great success after running for eight seasons from 2004 until 2011 and he has promised great things from the movie that was released last week.

He is a co-founder of the website SHFT.com, a website dedicated to sustainability.


The website has a core team of partners and directors along with co-founders Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer, along with a board of advisors that includes Arianna Huffington, and several contributors that write articles for the site. SHFT.com has a mission of conveying a more sustainable approach to the way we live through film, design, art and food. Also featured on the site is a shop, an app to download, a 10-part digital TV series with sustainable innovators and more.

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