7 Midget Celebrities with Girlfriends Twice Their Height

There’s no doubt that life can be tough for little people. However, while screen icons like Kenny Baker (R2-D2) and Warrick Davies (Willow, Wicket and the Leprechaun) might have married people their own height, many of their contemporaries have aimed higher – and found themselves with some beautiful full-sized ladies. Here are 7 awesome little celebrities with partners (almost) twice their size.

7. Verne Troyer with Genevieve Gallen and Ranae Shrider

The one, the only, it’s Mini-Me. At 2ft 8in Verne Troyer is one of the smallest people in the world. At 25 years of age he stood in for a 9-month-old baby in the 1994 film Baby’s Day Out. Nevertheless, the ladies have flocked after him. In 2004 he married former Playboy centerfold Genevieve Gallen – though, following a reported annulment, Troyer and his agent insist that the marriage never took place. Nevertheless, Genevieve was happy to report in 2009 that the pair had enjoyed 10-times-a-day yogic sex marathons, lasting up to 45 minutes apiece.

As if that wasn’t enough, Troyer had his own sex tape scandal when former live-in girlfriend, actress Ranae Shrider, leaked a home video to TMZ, showing the couple spending the Easter Weekend at the Raffles L’Ermitage hotel. Troyer was not best pleased – but quite frankly, he hasn’t done badly by anyone’s standards.

6. Bushwick Bill and Cindy Angelle

A member of the Geto Boys, Bushwick Bill is most famous for a horrible incident that took place almost 20 years ago, in 1991. One night, drunk, depressed and suicidal, he drove to his then girlfriend’s house and asked her to shoot him. She refused, but after a struggle he was shot in the head, leaving him blind in one eye and with a bullet in his brain. Fortunately he’s now engaged to his longtime girlfriend and assistant Cindy Angelle – who is a fox. Looking at the picture below you’ll note that in the picture above, she’s a fox standing in a hole.

5. “Wee Man” Jason Acuna and Lots of Ladies

Jason “Wee Man” Acuna can be seen throughout the Jackass franchise, quite simply wrecking stuff up. The pro skater also put his smaller stature to (dubiously) good use with stunts such as dressing as an Oompa-Loompa and kicking himself in the head. As a true badass, it’s perhaps not surprising that Acuna has been photographed with a number of lovely lady friends over the years.

4. Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt

You might remember Peter Dinklage from the film Elf, in which he beat up Will Ferrell’s character after he repeatedly called him a Christmas elf – or you might have seen him being tied up and accidentally murdered, twice over, in Death at a Funeral, 2007 and 2010. We imagine he’s not quite so angry in real life – seen above and below with his wife, theater director Erica Schmidt. One distinguished looking couple.

3. Eric “the Midget” Lynch and Kendra

Eric Lynch, aka Eric the Midget, of Howard Stern’s Wack Pack, is a strange, angry man. Eric is characterized by his bizarre behavior, ranging between fury, petulance and ingratitude. In early 2008 he launched a new campaign of oddness by claiming that he was in a relationship with a softcore webcam model named Kendra.

It was never entirely clear whether or not the relationship was a fake (though he swore on his mother’s life that it wasn’t), though the dial certainly swung back and forth. One woman who Eric definitely has slept with is Air Force Amy of the Bunny Ranch, on New Year’s Eve 2008. Eric wasn’t best pleased about Howard publicizing photos of this even on his show and his parents apparently threatened to cut him off over the incident. You’ll notice his “dignity” is “protected” by a Kelly Clarkson t-shirt here.

2. Dylan Postl (aka Hornswoggle)

Dylan Postl is better known as the WWE character Hornswoggle – the leprechaun mascot-son of ‘Irish’ wrestler Finlay (and not an illegitimate McMahon as one storyline suggested). He was also the WWE’s last Cruiserweight Champion before the belt was deactivated. Having gone by the nickname “The World’s Sexiest Midget,” Hornswoggle has also had his fair share of success with the ladies, and is rumored to have dated original diva Sunny (real name Tammy Lynn Sytch), above, as well as actress, model and former wrestling pro Stacy Keibler. Some suggest the latter relationship was a hoax fed to British tabloids after Stacey declined to appear at WrestleMania 25’s Battle Royal – but we’re sure no one would make something like that up.

1. Gary Coleman and Shannon Price

The late, great Gary Coleman was one the most famous little people of all time – without technically being a midget. Truly the man lived a chaotic life: there was the $3.8m lawsuit against his parents, the car accidents and the assault. Then there was his 2007 marriage to Shannon Price, only months after he met her on the set of Church Ball, where she was working as an extra. They divorced in August 2008 (following an appearance on TV show Divorces Court) but were said to have lived together until his death. Little man; lot o’ drama.

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