7 Iconic TV Homes We Wished We Lived In



They say home is where the heart is. Well, my heart belongs in about 10 different homes around the world. There’s a piece of my heart in the sprawling mansion where Regina George faithfully conceived the infamous burn book. There’s also a part of my heart all the way in Don Draper’s mod ’60s New York apartment, and even within the prestigious walls of Downton Abbey. I’ve watched these homes and the people within them, often dreaming of what it’d be like to walk down the steps of Carrie Bradshaw’s New York City apartment building, or chilling on the porch drinking iced tea at the Gilmore Girls home.

In case you haven’t heard, one of our favorite fictional houses just went on the market, and you can live out your fictional home dreams in reality — well, you can purchase the home of Regina George for a cool $14.8 million. So fetch.

While the price is slightly steep for the majority of us, we can always continue to dream about our favorite TV homes:

1. Monica Geller & Rachel Green’s apartment in Friends


While the periwinkle walls may be a little dated in 2015, they are totally iconic. Who knew a wall color could trigger so many memories of a beloved TV show that still manages to entertain us 11 years after its cancellation? The Manhattan apartment located in Greenwich Village has always been coveted by many, and was home to some of the best television moments of all time. When Chandler proposed to Monica, when Ross and Rachel first broke up, and so many more heartbreaking and heartwarming moments, all happened within those purple walls.

2. Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in Sex & The City


Living in a New York City apartment on the Upper East Side while being a freelance writer was just one of the many aspects that made being Carrie Bradshaw the ultimate dream. From her walk-in closet filled with Chanel and Christian Louboutin, to the beautiful brownstone exterior, Carrie’s home solidified that she was the ultimate New York gal, with the home to match. It’s no problem that writing a weekly column in the fictional equivalent of the Daily News was, in reality, never going to pay for all those Manolos! This was the dream!

3. The Cohens’ mansion in The O.C.


To live by the beach, be rich, and have my own pool house, which I can rent to a mysterious, hot guy if I want to? Sounds ideal.

4. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s house in Gilmore Girls


There’s something so quaint and homely about the Gilmore household that makes it endearing. From the mismatching decor to the small-town vibe, it would be nice to experience the cozy Gilmore lifestyle — well maybe for a couple of weeks.

5. Don Draper’s apartment in Mad Men


The ’60s mod vibe of Don Draper’s apartment is probably the most fashionable of them all. Located in New York’s Upper East Side, the apartment featured funky green curtains, built-in shelves and a spectacular view of NYC. These elements, alongside the fabulous ’60s decor, would make living in the Don Draper home pretty awesome.

6. Nick, Schmidt, Winston & Jess’s loft in New Girl


A cool creative loft in LA, filled with open space and four fun roommates too! The exposed brick walls and comfy couch are nice additions to the chill vibe that we get to see weekly on New Girl.

7. Downton Abbey


This prestigious home is the perfect place to live out your posh dreams, and to live like the royalty that we’d like to be. The stately manor dates back to the seventeenth century, and includes 19 acres of land that could be all yours — well, for $6.2 million it could be yours. Happy saving!

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