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6 Things I’m Hoping To See In The Amy Schumer/Jennifer Lawrence Screenplay



Ever since news broke last week that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are writing a screenplay together, I’ve been running through every fantasy in my mind about how amazing it’s going to be. These are the funniest, sassiest women in Hollywood right now — and they’re teaming up. We have very few details about their screenplay so far, but one thing’s for sure: something great is in store.

Whatever these two ladies pull together is bound to be incredible, but here are six things in particular I’m really hoping to see.

1. Bette Midler starring as their mom

This one is actually a real possibility; as soon as the women announced they would be playing sisters in their film, Bette Midler tweeted about who would play their mom. Please let it be Midler!! (Alternatively, Meryl Streep?)

2. A cameo from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler



J-Law and Amy Schumer’s friendship may be new, but it’s already looking to be the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Getting all four of these women in one film would be just too good to be true.

3. Lots of dance interludes



As they proved on Billy Joel’s piano, J-Law and Amy Schumer make great dance partners. I’d love it if this movie gave them another chance to show off their sweet moves — maybe to a few of Amy Schumer’s comedy songs?

4. A girl gang to rival Taylor Swift’s



Look, these two are getting close to replacing T-Swizz’s squad as the #1 girl gang that everyone wishes they were in, so now I’d like to see the two groups fight it out — Bad Blood style. Jennifer Lawrence already has fighting experience from The Hunger Games, so we know she’d be able to handle it — and I definitely wouldn’t advise anyone to cross Amy after watching her “Fight Like A Girl” video.

5. Food positivity



Neither Lawrence or Schumer make any secret of their appreciation for food — and that’s one of the reasons they’re both so relatable. Even better, they manage to express their love for food without defaulting to self-deprecating “fat jokes”; both women are wonderfully body positive. While J-Law talks about looking “strong and healthy” for young girls to look up to, Amy speaks out about how she is “going to actually love the skin [she’s] in.” This is super-refreshing to hear, so lots of this in the movie, please!

6. Realistic female characters



The best part about films written by female actresses is that they can write brilliant female parts for themselves to play. Too often women are forced into one-dimensional roles, and this is damaging even where those roles are “positive”. After all, a character painted as strong, independent, and flawless is still perpetuating unrealistic standards for women. Great actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer will relish the chance to act their socks off in multi-faceted roles.

As wonderful as it was to see Pitch Perfect, a female-centric movie, become so popular — the film (and its sequel) still had some problematic stereotypes; the lesbian, the Asian, and the Latin American, for example, were all portrayed as little more than their clichés.

This is our next shot at a really fantastic female-led comedy, and I’m crossing my fingers that Schumer and Lawrence do it justice. And you know what? I think they just might.

Emma Oulton
Emma has more books than friends, and is perfectly happy with that arrangement. After gaining her English degree, she moved to London with a husband and a dog called Hippo, and now lives in a house so filled with mismatching rugs that everyone calls it The Haberdashery. Emma works in publishing, and live-tweets her life from @ee_ohbee.

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