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6 Roid Rage Fueled Murders


Steroids, like many drugs, are known to have a number of dangerous and unsightly side effects when misused. Besides being addictive, the drug can cause terrible bouts of acne, heart problems and high blood pressure, loss of libido, imbalanced hormones, cloudy judgment and a terrible temper. The anger issues that come with steroid abuse are so infamous that they’ve been dubbed ‘roid rage’. Here are six cases of roid rage so bad, they ended in murder.

Chris Benoit

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Chris Benoit is the obvious first choice on this list because he’s pretty much become the poster child for roid rage since his death. Benoit, a pro wrestler with a physically demanding career, was a heavy steroid user. Consequently, he murdered his wife and child, placed Bibles at their feet, and then turned one of his weight machines into a contraption with which to hang himself. At least he remembered to put a third Bible by his feet. God was surely impressed.

The deaths occurred over a weekend when Benoit was due to perform in Houston, but called off the event, claiming that his wife and son were sick. The truth was much worse. He had bound his wife at the ankles and wrists and suffocated her. He then suplexed — err, suffocated — his son, who was sedated with Xanax.

After some strange text messages in which Benoit disclosed his home address and the fact that his dogs were in the enclosed pool area (effectively blocking police from entering), Benoit hanged himself from one of his weight machines. His testosterone levels were ten times the normal amount. Although it’s unclear whether or not roid rage directly caused these deaths, it’s well known that Benoit was taking testosterone as a part of a treatment to try and reverse the damaging effects of his heavy steroid use.

David Bieber

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No relation to Justin Bieber (just look at that meaty head) and forever buried under the young singer’s name, David Bieber is a convicted killer and drug dealer. Bieber left school to become a Marine but went AWOL and turned into a drug dealing bodybuilder instead. He was arrested under suspicion of hiring a hitman to shoot a fellow bodybuilder but was released due to a lack of evidence.

That was in 1995. In 96, The Bieb used a fake passport to gain entry to the United Kingdom to escape the heat in America, but decided to go semi-legit at this point and got a job as a nightclub bouncer. This is where the ‘only semi-legit’ comes in: in his free time, Bieber was building a small arsenal of illegal weapons and stealing cars.

When three policeman stopped Bieber in his stolen BMW, he shot at the officers, killing one with a bullet to the back of the head. He was eventually caught and convicted, and numerous editorials were written on “The All-American boy corrupted by steroid abuse that turned him into a murderer.”

Jonathan Agee

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Jonathan Agee was a police officer before he was a steroid user, but the drugs caused him to virtually bust out of his uniforms at an alarming rate. After Agee shot and murdered his ex-wife on Memorial Day this year, steroids were found in his safe.

Before galavanting off to murder his ex-wife, he told his current wife of his plan. Then he grabbed his assault rifle and shot her outside a department store before fleeing, shooting a police officer on his run from fellow cops. The murder was prompted by a slew of angry text messages between both parties and one of his fellow officers is actually under suspicion for not reporting his rampant steroid abuse; his peer confessed that Agee grew out of numerous uniforms in just a few months before the murder.

Gordon Kimbrough

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Gordon Kimbrough turned out to be not much of a bro after all. After heavy steroid abuse, Kimbrough’s own friends and colleagues point to the drugs as the reason behind his murderous rampage.

Despite the fact that Kimbrough and his girlfriend had won multiple bodybuilding competitions and were considered by everyone to be “the epitome of health,” the couple was experiencing some domestic turmoil. When Kimbrough’s girlfriend tried to leave him, he stabbed and then strangled her until she died. Investigators expect him to use the ‘ol roid rage defense during his trial.

David Jacobs

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David Jacobs was just another steroid abuser who looked like his skin was about to burst off his body like a balloon — with one exception. Jacobs dealt steroids to the NFL.

Jacobs began as a normal dude who didn’t work out very much; many bodybuilding sites call him a ‘weakling’ in his pre-bodybuilding days — even though he was a former Marine. After Jacobs left the Marines and became a Nokia employee, he saw disappointing changes in his physical fitness. When he was unable to climb the Great Wall of China, Jacobs was inspired to make a big change in his life. This included working out at the local gym, where he learned about steroids through a friend.

Jacobs eventually began dealing the stuff himself, dissatisfied with the low quality of steroids from Mexico and preferring to order steroid powder from China, which he would then Breaking Bad into an injectable serum. He dealt to members of the NFL before the feds raided his house, finding all of his drugs, homemade labs, and guns.

The real victim in this would be Jacobs’ girlfriend, another bodybuilder who was engaged to Jacobs. After the crackdown, the pair were found dead in his home during a routine checkup by police — Jacob’s roid rage had prompted the man to kill his girlfriend and then himself. Some people claim it was a murder organized by the NFL, but steroids are more than likely the culprit here.

Child Porn Lover

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An unnamed man will not be allowed to cite roid rage as part of his defense after killing one officer and wounding another, the courts say. The accused man apparently engaged in a shootout with police after threatening witnesses in a different trial — his partner was under investigation for child pornography charges and had instructed the man to intimidate those involved and able to incriminate him.

Although the murderer cried self-defense, he’s not allowed to use both self defense and roid rage as an excuse — if it were self defense, the steroids aren’t relevant. You can’t roid-rage-murder a guy out of self defense.


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