6 Completely Valid Reasons To Quit Your Job That No One Should Shame You For


There definitely exists a social stigma attached to quitting your job. It’s regarded as foolish or cowardly, that “toughing it out” is the better alternative to looking weak, or that quitting makes you a “quitter.” People who quit their jobs are looked at as failures or as unrealistic dreamers, with the result being that so many people are too afraid to make a big change for fear of being shamed (or for fear of being broke).

And that’s truly a shame. At the very least, eight of each of our days is filled with work, and often it’s the cornerstone upon which our lives and our happiness are built. So why “tough it out” if you have a better alternative? These options could be finding a better, more fulfilling job, changing your career completely, or simply eschewing the 9-to-5 grind for a less conventional but happier life spent at home. No one should shame you for quitting your job for these six completely valid reasons.

1. Be a stay-at-home parent

If your finances can handle the strain, taking a leave of absence from work or quitting your job entirely to take care of children can be even more rewarding than being your household’s primary breadwinner. I know both mothers and fathers who wish so badly they could be able to stay home and take care of their kids, because those years are precious to any parent, and they disappear quickly. Don’t let expectations or other people’s judgment keep you from quitting yout job to be a SAHM or SAHF if that’s what you really want. Points if

2. Chase that “ridiculous pipe dream.”

With a sort of sketched-out plan in place, taking time off or quitting your job to write your screenplay is completely valid, provided you’ve done research and/or have connections and a general idea of whether or not it’s going to be successful. Quitting your job to write/become an actor/dancer/wizard is massively looked down upon and hugely misunderstood. And while working while juggling your dream on the side is also commendable, sometimes with those insane hours it’s just not possible.

So ask yourself: why not? If the answer doesn’t have to do with the crumbling of your career or the fact that you’re seriously in debt, there’s no valid reason why you should let other people shame you out of trying to be a successful wizard (or whatever your dream is)! In fact, even if you can’t quit now, knowing you can in the future will let you save up money (the general rule is six months’ worth living expenses saved up) and get your head around finally chasing what you’ve always wanted.

3. You’re seriously miserable

So many aspects of our jobs can make us miserable, whether it’s an inefficient boss, terrible hours, being overworked and underpaid, or a whole host of other things. While there’s something to be said for “sticking it out” and bearing it, there’s no question that our jobs have major influence on our overall happiness. If you’re constantly miserable at work and it’s affecting your work ethic and your personal life, for whatever reason, you can and should quit and look for something else.

4. Bad work environment

Work affects your quality of life as well as your happiness. Having a really bad work environment can not only cause anxiety, but also cause serious stress-related health issues. Anything can contribute to a bad work environment, but the most common causes is the behavior of your boss or your co-workers. The people around you can cause your work environment and your quality of life to deteriorate terribly, and there’s no reason why you should subject yourself to an unhealthy environment. Even without having a job at the ready, you should not feel bad about quitting. Taking some time off can help you recuperate and think about your next move.

5. Your job doesn’t utilize your skills

So many of us are underemployed in this current economic climate, and often our jobs just aren’t utilizing our skills to the fullest and there’s just no room to grow. You shouldn’t feel trapped at this job with no growth and no job satisfaction. Even though it’s always the best choice to have another job lined up before you quit your current one, the job market has now evolved past overanalyzing gaps in employment—probably because so many people are still unemployed and looking for work!

6. Going back to school

I’m in big favor of this one. Sometimes life happens, and we sacrifice our dreams or goals to do something else, and our job becomes simply a means to pay the bills. This reason ties into chasing your dream, but going back to school also lets you learn skills or receive higher education that will afford you higher paychecks in the future and more career options. Personally, I’m just waiting for the day where I can attend night classes, work really hard, and finally become a professional Queen Elsa impersonator.

Lisa Lo Paro
Lisa is a freelance writer and bibliophile living on the outskirts of New York City. She likes 2 a.m. with a good book, takes cream in her coffee and heavily filters her photos. Check out her blog The Most Happy, her Instagram, and Twitter.

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