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52 Celebrities Who Have DUIs And Sometimes More Than One


Celebrity DUIs

Hollywood has a long and storied history and unfortunately a big part of the Hollywood scene is the trouble that actors and actresses get into on a regular basis. These days there are entire reality TV shows and celebrity gossip programs devoted to celebrity mishaps. No topic is more discussed for the lack of court action than celebrity DUIs. These 52 celebrities have all faced one, two, three, and sometimes up  to four DUIs over their lifetime.

Joey Lauren Adams

Joey Lauren Adams

Joey Lauren Adams is known for her role in multiple Kevin Smith movies like Chasing Amy and Mallrats. She was arrested in 2003 on suspicion of drunk driving after cops saw her repeatedly drive her car into a curb while going into a gas station. Her blood-alcohol level wasn’t released and she left jail later that day.

Trace AdkinsTrace Adkins

Country star Trace Adkins has had a number of hits in his twelve-year career including the recent crossover hit “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.” In 2001, Adkins wasn’t singing a happy tune when he was arrested for driving under the influence in Tennessee. He pled guilty and was sentenced to 11 months in jail but that was later reduced to two days, a $350 fine and a suspended license for one year. That same year he was in a serious tractor incident which crushed his chest and caused a rib-sternum separation. After the accident, he headed to a 28-day alcohol rehabilitation program in Nashville.

Tim AllenTim Allen

Tim Allen aka “Tim the Tool-man Taylor” of Home Improvement was arrested for drunk driving in 1997 after nearly falling over during a sobriety check. His blood-alcohol level was recorded at .16 and he was sentenced to one-year probation. His career almost didn’t happen after a 1978 arrest for possession of a pound and a half of cocaine. It could have put him in jail for life but instead he ratted some people out, was sentenced to five years and was paroled after two and a half.

Billie Joe ArmstrongBillie Joe Armstrong

The lead vocalist and guitarist for Green Day, Bille Joe Armstrong dropped out of high school a day before his 18th birthday to pursue his musical career. He was arrested in 2003 for drunk driving and had a blood-alcohol level at .18.

Oksana BaiulOksana Baiul

Ukrainian Oksana Baiul won the gold medal at the 1994 Winter Olympics at the age of 16. Three years later, Baiul was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol after crashing her car into a tree in Connecticut. After she completed an alcohol education program and met the terms of her probation, the charges were dropped.

Mischa BartonMischa Barton

Mischa Barton is the actress best known for her role as Marissa on The O.C. She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in 2007 after she was seen “straddling the lanes and failing to signal for a turn.” Barton also got in trouble for possession of marijuana and driving without a valid license and was released after posting $10,000 bail.

George W. BushGeorge W. Bush

Former President of the United States, George W. Bush was arrested for driving under the influence while in Maine in 1976. He pleaded guilty, paid a $150 fine and had his driving privileges briefly revoked in Maine. Bush was 30 years old at the time.

Truman Capote

Truman CapoteTruman Capote was an author best known for his works “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “In Cold Blood.” The 5’3″ Capote was arrested for driving while intoxicated in 1976 and had trouble with drugs and alcohol until his death in 1984.

Johnny CarsonJohnny Carson

From 1962 to 1992, Johnny Carson was host of the third longest-running entertainment program in U.S. television history, “The Tonight Show.” Carson was also a major investor in the De Lorean Motor Company and was cited in 1982 for driving a De Lorean sports car drunk. He laughed the incident off after pleading no contest to the charges and even had a uniformed police officer escort him to “The Tonight Show” stage.

Nick CarterNick Carter

The youngest Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter was arrested in 2005 for failing a sobriety test after being pulled over in Huntington Beach, California. His rep released a statement at the time saying he “deeply regrets the current situation” and was on “prescribed medication and was unaware of its interaction possibilities.”

Stockard ChanningStockard Channing

Stockard Channing is best known for her role as “Rizzo” in “Grease” and her Emmy-award winning performance on “The West Wing.”(She was 33 when she played high school age “Rizzo.”) She was pulled over in 2004 after trying to go around a roadblock in Hollywood. Her blood-alcohol level registered at 0.12 and the legal limit in California is 0.08. She was placed on three years probation, fined $390 and ordered to attend an alcohol education program.

Chevy ChaseChevy Chase

Chevy Chase is well known for being on “Saturday Night Live” even though he left after only being on the show for its first season. Rumors swirled that Chase had a lot of problems getting along with fellow cast members and the shows writer and producer Lorne Michaels but he still appeared nine more times to host the show. Chase was arrested in 1995 and charged with driving while intoxicated.

Dick CheneyDick Cheney

The former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney was arrested in 1962 at the age of 21 for driving while intoxicated and was arrested again the next year for the same offense.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme is known for his ability to kick butt in movies like “Street Fighter” and “Timecop” and reportedly won’t film fight scenes in the U.S. because they are so intense that he’s afraid he’ll get sued. He was arrested in 1999 for driving under the influence and Beverly Hills and was sentenced to an anti-drunk driving class, a $1,200 fine, 3 years probation and a 90-day revocation of his license.

Kim DelaneyKim Delaney

Kim Delaney was hired to play Detective Diane Russell for four episodes of NYPD Blue’s second season and blew the producers away so much after filming two episodes that she was hired to join the series full-time. Delaney portrayed the alcoholic Detective for six years but unfortunately alcohol also seeped into her off-screen character as well. She was arrested in 2002 for driving under the influence and was given two years probation, had to pay a $300 fine and was ordered to attend a safe driving class.

John DenverJohn Denver

John Denver was a well-known folk rock musician who recorded around 300 songs like “Rocky Mountain High” and “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” Denver was known more for his humanitarian work after his musical popularity of the 1970’s died down and it was during this time that he picked up two back-to-back driving under the influence of alcohol charges. The first came in 1993 and he pleaded guilty and the second came in 1994. The 1994 incident resulted in a hung jury after his defense argued that a thyroid condition made the alcohol tests unreliable.

Andy DickAndy Dick

Andy Dick’s unpredictable and wacky ways have gotten him into trouble over the past few years with incidents of showing his genitals and publicly urinating overshadowing his film and TV work. In 1999, he drove his car into a telephone pole in Hollywood and was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, possession of cocaine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and hit-and-run driving. Dick completed an 18-month drug diversion program and the judge then dismissed the felony and misdemeanor drug charges against him.

Shannen DohertyShannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty played well-known characters on TV’s Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed and is also known for having a hard time getting along with cast members of many of her projects. She was arrested in December 2000 on drunk driving charges and was sentenced to either 10 days in jail or 20 days of work-release duty, 3 years probation and ordered to pay a $1,500 fine.

Dr. DreDr. Dre

Dr. Dre started his career in the mid-80’s rapping in the hip-hop group N.W.A. and went on to also producing other artists after a few years. He currently is the CEO if Aftermath Entertainment which he founded in 1996. Dre was arrested in 1994 after a high-speed car chase ended with an alcohol test result at twice the legal limit. Since he had broken his 1993 probation from an assault charge, he was sentenced to an eight-month jail sentence, given a $1,053 fine, four years probation, and ordered to complete a 90-day alcohol education program.


Eve has sold 7 million copies of her three rap albums, appeared in multiple movies like Barbershop and starred in own television sitcom Eve that lasted three seasons. She was arrested in 2007 after crashing her Maserati into a divider on Hollywood Boulevard while under the influence of alcohol. She had to wear an alcohol-detecting bracelet for 45 days, attend 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, a three-month alcohol education program and appear in court to verify that she was using the alcohol detection monitor.

Angie EverhartAngie Everhart

Angie Everhart became known for her red hair as model in magazines like Elle and Glamour even though she was told she would never make it in the modeling world because of that distinction. She was arrested in April 2008 for driving under the influence in Los Angeles, California and was later released after posting $15,000 bail. The charge has a maximum penalty of $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

Vivica FoxVivica Fox

Vivica Fox has appeared in numerous films such as Kill Bill and Juwanna Mann and also participated in the third season of Dancing With The Stars. Fox was arrested in Van Nuys, California in 2007 after submitting two Breathalyzer tests that were over the 0.08 legal limit. She also made headlines by calling the police officer that arrested her “racist.” Fox was sentenced to 3 years of probation, fined $400 and ordered to enter a 90-day alcohol education program.

Lane GarrisonLane Garrison

Lane Garrison lived with his minister Joe Simpson, dad to Jessica and Ashlee, for a year before achieving fame in the TV show Prison Break. In 2007, Garrison pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving following a December 2006 car wreck that killed a 17-year-old passenger. His blood-alcohol level was at 0.20 and there was also cocaine in his system at the time of the crash. Garrison was sentenced to 40 months in prison and is expected to be released around February 2009.

Mel GibsonMel Gibson

Mel Gibson has had a prolific career as an actor, director, producer and screenwriter and is a household name for roles in movies like Mad Max and Braveheart. Gibson has said that he started drinking at the age of thirteen and it is something he still struggles with today. In 1984, Gibson was arrested in Toronto for driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12 and when the driver that he rear-ended got out of his car, Gibson reportedly laughed and offered him a drink. The result was a $300 fine and a 3-month ban from driving in Ontario. In 2006, Gibson uttered the anti-Semitic remark heard round the world after being arrested for driving under the influence with an open container of alcohol. He has since made numerous apologies and entered a recovery program to battle alcoholism after the incident. Gibson was sentenced to 3 years probation, attendance at self-help meeting five time a week for four and half months and three times a week for the remainder of the first year of his probation, attendance at a First Offenders Program, fined $1,300 and had his license restricted for 90 days.

Tracey GoldTracey Gold

Tracey Gold is known for her seven-season run as Carol Seaver on Growing Pains and famously struggled with anorexia after a weight gain during the show caused many “fat” jokes to be made at her expense. She wrecked her car while drunk with her husband and three children inside in 2004. Two of her children were injured; one with a broken clavicle and one with a head laceration, but her newborn infant was not hurt. She was released on a $50,000 and was sentenced to one month in a work release program, 240 hours of community service, and three years’ probation following a guilty plead in court.

Kelsey GrammerKelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer has won five Emmy awards and two Golden Globe awards for his 20-year portrayal of Dr. Frasier Crane on Cheers (nine years) and Frasier (eleven years). His first arrest for driving under the influence came in 1988 and he was sentenced to 30 days in jail in 1990 after violating his probation. In 1996, he spent time in rehab after crashing his sports car while driving under the influence.

Dave GrohlDave Grohl

Dave Grohl first jumped into the limelight while playing drums for Nirvana. He formed the group the Foo Fighters in 1994 following the death of Nirvana’s singer Kurt Cobain and became the frontman and songwriter for the group. Grohl was nabbed in a police check in Australia where he blew 0.09 on the Breathalyzer. He has his Australian driving privileges suspended for three months and also received a $400 fine.

Tonya HardingTonya Harding

Tonya Harding placed second in the 1991 World Ice Skating Championships and was the first American woman to complete a triple axel jump in competition but most people remember her for her antics off the ice. Harding was connected to the 1994 attack on competitor Nancy Kerrigan during the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and has yet to live that down. Harding was cited for drunk driving and probation violation after a second truck wreck in 2002. Alcohol also fueled an attack against a boyfriend with a hubcap in 2000 and another attack against a different boyfriend in 2005.

David HasselhoffDavid Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff made a name for himself with big roles on Knight Rider and Baywatch and also as a singer, mainly finding musical fame in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Hasselhoff did a stint in rehab in 2002 but was arrested for driving under the influence in 2004. He received three years probation, 200 hours of community service and ordered to attend AA meetings for six months following that charge. He would go on to be denied boarding a plane by British Airways in 2006 because he was too drunk and then a home video surfaced in 2007 of him drunkenly eating a hamburger and talking to his daughter.

Paris HiltonParis Hilton

Paris Hilton became famous for partying and being rich but has since added reality TV star, model, actress, singer and writer to her resume. Hilton was arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence of alcohol and her driving license was suspended. After she pleaded no contest to the alcohol-related reckless driving charge, she was sentenced to 36 months’ probation and had to pay $1,500 in fines. Hilton was pulled over twice in 2007 driving with a suspended license and because of that and the fact that she didn’t enroll in the court-ordered alcohol education program, she was sentenced to 45 days in jail. It was anticipated that she would only serve 23 days of her 45-day sentence because of good behavior but she was sent home two days after entering jail for 40 days of home confinement because of a medical condition. Hilton was sent back to jail the next morning and ordered to serve out her original sentence. In total, she served 22 days in detention.

Young JeezyYoung Jeezy

Young Jeezy is a rapper who came onto the scene in 2001 and has collaborated with artists like Christina Milan and R. Kelly. He was arrested in June of 2008 and charged with DUI, speeding, reckless driving, no tags, driving with an open container and no proof of insurance. He was released after posting bail but a source close to Jeezy claims that the temporary tags had fallen off because he had just driven the car off of the lot. Jeezy also claimed that the open container was the passenger’s fault.

Wynonna JuddWynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd is famous for being a part of the country duo The Judds alongside her mother Naomi and they charted twenty-three hit singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles between 1983 and 1991. In 2003, Judd was arrested for drunk driving in Tennessee after she blew a 0.175 on the Breathalyzer, which is more than twice the state’s legal limit. She lost her driver’s license for one year, had to pay almost $1,000 in court costs and fines and also had to perform 200 hours of community service as a result of the charge.

Daniel Dae KimDaniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim is best known for his role as Jin-Soo Kwon on the TV show Lost and his character speaks mainly Korean even though in real life, English is Kim’s primary language. Kim was arrested in 2007 for driving under the influence of alcohol in Honolulu, Hawaii and his Breathalyzer test measured 0.168 (twice the legal limit). He was released after posting $500 bail and he apologized the next day saying he was “deeply ashamed and embarrassed” by the incident. Kim’s court date is in August 2008.

Chris KleinChris Klein

Chris Klein’s biggest role is probably playing Oz in the American Pie movies and he also famously was engaged to Katie Holmes before she hooked up with Tom Cruise. Klein’s blood-alcohol level was 0.20 when he was arrested in 2005 in San Diego, California. Klein was sentenced to five years’ probation, 150 hours of community service, a 90-day license suspension and a $1,800 fine after entering a guilty plea for the misdemeanor charge.

Queen LatifahQueen Latifah

Queen Latifah has found success as a rapper and also as an actress in her career with roles in movies like Hairspray and Beauty Shop. Latifah was arrested in 2002 after making an unsafe lane change and then failing a field sobriety test. She was released on $2,500 bail and later sentenced to three years of informal probation, ordered to pay $300 in fines and to participate in an alcohol education program.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan made her movie debut playing identical twins in Disney’s 1998 remake of The Parent Trap and her personal life has since become more famous than her career. In May 2007, she lost control of her car and was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Two days later, Lohan entered the Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu and stayed for 45 days. In July 2007, she was at it again and arrested with a blood alcohol level between 0.12 and 0.13. It was announced in August 2007 that Lohan would serve one day in jail, be given 10 days community service and be on probation for three years. Lohan was also ordered to complete an 18-month alcohol education program, pay hundreds of dollars in fines and had to complete a three-day coroner program where she would talk to victims of drink drivers.

Natasha LyonneNatasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne started her career as Opal on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse but is probably best remembered as playing Jessica in the American Pie films. Lyonne was arrested in 2001 after hitting a road sign and trying to flee the scene. An officer witnessed the incident and said that Lyonne refused to take a Breathalyzer test claiming, “I’m a movie star. Can I talk to my entertainment lawyer?” She later pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and was sentenced to six months probation and 50 hours of community service.

Stephon MarburyStephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury has a reputation for not being a team player on the basketball court and has gotten into trouble for bad behavior off the court as well. In 2002, Marbury was playing for the Phoenix Suns and was arrested for extreme DUI, which is when someone is driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level of at least 0.15 and is also speeding. Marbury was clocked at 75 mph in a 50 mph zone. He spent 10 days in jail and was suspended for one game by the NBA.

Mindy McCreadyMindy McCready

Mindy McCready has recorded four studio albums since 1996 and has charted more than ten singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts but has not charted a single since 2002. McCready was pulled over in May of 2005 in Nashville for speeding and was then arrested for driving under the influence. McCready has had a number of run-ins with the law since the 2005 arrest including a number of probation violations, identity theft, and battery after a scuffle with her mother.

Tracy MorganTracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan was a cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1996 to 2003 and currently has a role in the sitcom 30 Rock. Morgan was arrested and pled no contest to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge in December 2005 and was arrested again in November of 2006 for driving while intoxicated. In May 2007, Morgan had a battery complaint filed against him for groping a female disc jockey, which would be a probation violation. He was scheduled to be fitted with an ankle alcohol-monitoring device before the complaint was filed and had to wear it for 90 days. Morgan had to wear it for another 80 days after he admitted that he had violated a prior agreement to abstain from alcohol.

Haley Joel OsmentHaley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment found great success playing Cole Sear in 1999’s The Sixth Sense and that led to a number of high-profile films like Pay It Forward and A.I. In 2006, Osment broke his shoulder after his car struck a mailbox and overturned. He pled no contest to counts of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of marijuana while driving. Osment was sentenced to three years’ probation, 60 hours in alcohol rehabilitation and education program, a fine of $1,500, and a minimum requirement of 26 AA meetings over a six-month period.

Ty PenningtonTy Pennington

Ty Pennington can be found yelling into a megaphone on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and previously worked as a carpenter on TLC’s Trading Spaces. Pennington was arrested in 2007 with a blood alcohol level of 0.14 and was released on $5,000 bail. He issued an apology and pled no contest to the charges. Pennington was fined $390, received 36 months probation, 90 days suspended driver’s license, 90 days in an alcohol treatment program, and, for community service, was required to attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) seminar.

Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps

Michael Phelps won eight medals at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, six of which were gold, and has been named World Swimmer of the Year in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007. In November 2004, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Maryland and ordered to serve 18 months probation, fined $250, obligated to speak against drinking and driving to high school students and had to attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) meeting.

Jason PriestleyJason Priestley

Jason Priestley played the role of Brandon Walsh on the hit TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 from 1990-2000, which catapulted him to fame. Priestley was ordered to complete an alcohol-counseling program after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor DUI charge stemming from a December 1999 car crash. The wreck happened in the Hollywood Hills, totaled Priestley’s Porsche and broke a friend’s arm.

Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay

Gordan Ramsay is best known for being the host of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen and in 2007 became one of only three chefs in the United Kingdom to hold three Michelin stars at one time. Ramsay was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of excess alcohol in London in 2002 but the case was discontinued.

Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has starred in a number of movies but is best known for his role of Neo in the film trilogy The Matrix and Ted Logan in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Reeves was arrested in 1993 for driving under the influence and after confessing to the DUI, he was released. His mug shot reportedly made Reeves straighten his life out because it reminded him of his dad who was serving a 10-year jail sentence for drug offenses.

Brad RenfroBrad Renfro

Brad Renfro made his movie debut in 1994’s The Client and went on to act in 21 movies during his career. Renfro was arrested in 2001 for underage drinking and released from after posting the $500 bail. In 2006, he was arrested for driving under the influence and attempted heroin possession and spent 10 days in jail for the convictions.

Busta RhymesBusta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes was named after former NFL wide receiver George “Buster” Rhymes and broke out with a 1996 solo single “Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check.” Rhymes was arrested in 2007 for driving under the influence after being pulled over initially for having overly tinted windows. He had to pay $1,250 plus court costs, enroll in a drunken driving program and give up his driver’s license for six months.

Dennis RodmanDennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman was better known for his appearance and outlandish behavior, like appearing in a wedding dress in 1996 to promote his autobiography, than his basketball career. Rodman was arrested in 1999 and pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and driving without a valid driver’s license. He was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine and serve three years of probation.

Diana RossDiana Ross

Diana Ross led the singing trio The Supremes in the 1960’s and went on to start a solo career in 1970. Ross has recorded a total of 57 studio albums in her career and had eighteen number-one singles. In December 2002, Ross was arrested for drunk driving in Arizona. She pled no contest and later served a two-day jail sentence near her home in Connecticut and served a year of probation.

Richie SamboraRichie Sambora

Richie Sambora is the lead guitarist of the band Bon Jovi and also released two solo projects in 1991 and 1998. Sambora was pulled over March 25, 2008 and subsequently arrested after he failed numerous field sobriety tests. A woman and two girls were also in the car and reportedly one of the girls was his 10-year-old daughter Ava.

Kiefer SutherlandKiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland, star of the hit TV show 24, has a total of four DUI’s to his name: 1989, 1993, 2004 and 2007. The charges from the 1989 and 1993 arrests were dropped when he pled no contest and opted for performing community service hours in exchange for the plea. Since his 2007 arrest violated his five-year probation sentence from the 2004 arrest, he was looking at jail time. Sutherland was released on $25,000 bail and sentenced to 48 days in jail, which he completed with no problem.

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