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50 Hottest Women of 2015


43. Rosi Hungtington-Whiteley

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How do you quantify something like beauty – something that so famously lies in the eye of the beholder? In short, you can’t… really. What you can do is simply sit back and appreciate a particularly eye-popping selection of lovelies.

Here we present just such an assortment of hotness – while also taking into account personality, character, uniqueness and recent activity. And if the precise ordering of the list isn’t to your taste, it was tough for us too.

This countdown of current mega-babes includes a Harvard graduate, an imprisoned political activist, a former Hogwarts student-turned-fashion model, and the daughter of Quincy Jones. So, people, take a load off and enjoy the 50 hottest women of 2014.

David Paul Krug
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