50 Cent “Things Fall Apart” Trailer

We’re getting our first look at Things Fall Apart — the cinema drama that prompted hip-hopster Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson to channel his closet Somalian and undergo a drastic 60-pound weight loss to play a college football player stricken ill with cancer.

The star went on a strict liquid diet and spent three hours every day in the gym to lose the staggering sum in two months. 50 says he was inspired to lose the weight by Robert De Niro, who lost 35lbs for his award-winning role in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver in 1976.

“50 was not at all what I expected. 50 is a really focused, bright, disciplined, affable cat. In terms of directing him, he’s a dream,” director Mario Van Pebbles remarked, paying tribute to the rapper.

The usually musclebound singer has since put the weight back on since he finished shooting the film, which also stars Ray Liotta and Lynn Whitfield, last summer.

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