50 Cent Skinny! Rapper’s Shocking Weight Loss For Dramatic Film Role

50 Cent or The Black Powder?

Don’t be alarmed. This isn’t a photo of my alcoholic Uncle Eddie after knocking back one too many cups of eggnog at the annual family Christmas party. (Although the resemblance is striking….) It’s only 50 Cent, trading his perfectly-chiseled frame in exchange for a bag of bones and a few acting accolades.

The things a guy will do for an Oscar these day! Hey, it worked for DeNiro. The actor gained a record 60 pounds to play the older Jake La Motta for his Oscar-winning role in the 1980 Scorsese classic Raging Bull.

But I digress….

Curtis is taking this thespian thing very seriously. 50 lost almost 60 pounds to portray a promising college football player suddenly diagnosed with cancer in the upcoming box office drama Things Fall Apart. The “In Da Club” star dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill workouts for nine weeks.

Mr. Jackson, we command you to start downing Big Macs and Coca-Cola. Stat!


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