50 Cent Cheryl Cole Dating?

Weird Couple Alert: Cheryl Cole, British songstress/reality show judge, is the latest lass romantically-linked to hip-hopster 50 Cent.

Shh! Don’t tell Chelsea…..

Even though she is trying very hard to show to the world that she’s in a relationship with Dancing With The Stars ace Derek Hough, there’s a strong buzz in the air that Cheryl is secretly dating the “In Da Club” rapper who never found an inappropriate photo that he didn’t want to TwitPic. 50 and Cheryl met for the first time when Cheryl visited Los Angeles earlier this year. The pair hit it off instantly. Since then, they’ve stayed in touch and their relationship is blooming. There are loud ramblings, in fact, that the Hough romance is just a cover for Cheryl’s relationship with 50.

“When Cheryl jets to LA later this month, she will be reunited with a man she’s been secretly involved with since her split from Ashley in March,” a Grazia source squealed. “She’s been happy to have all this speculation about her close relationships with Derek and will.i.am because she knew it was nonsense and just a smokescreen. There’s one man she was truly interested in romantically, and that man’s Fiddy.”

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