50 Cent Agreed To Tweet Nude Photos If Giants Lose Super Bowl

Rapper 50 Cent recently agreed to Tweet Nude photos of himself if the New York Giants lose Super Bowl XLVI airing Sunday, February 5, 2012.

Lose, Giants, lose!

On Sunday, January 22, the Candy Shop singer and Twitter follower identified only as @MyBestAssets ventured into a Twitter bet heard ’round the gossip world when  50 Cent reportedly agreed to Tweet “birthday suit” pics if the Giants lose to the New England Patriots.  50 then shot back with the condition that @MyBestAssets must post “boobs and face” pics if his team wins.

Wooo.  It’s oooooooooonnnnnnnn.

Watch out, @MyBestAssets.  50 Cents’ no stranger to winning.  He allegedly just cashed in on a $500,000 wager during the NFC Championship game that left the New York Giants winners…

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