5 Sites (Better Than Spotify) To Find Mood-Boosting Music



Music Therapy is a Thing

I think all of us music lovers can agree that music has the ability to affect us on a deep level. Whether it’s those song lyrics take you back to a first date, music that helped you recover from a breakup, or made you feel nervous in that intense movie moment, music has emotional power.

Healthline News said that “listening to music can lift (or reinforce) your mood and ultimately lead to a greater quality of life.” With a ringing endorsement like that, who are we to argue?

Music can make us happy, reduce our stress levels, motivate us to workout harder, and even alter our brainwaves. But how do you find the right jams for the mood you wish to enlist? Fortunately, there are sites for that, and they’re not all Spotify or the less-than-popular Pandora. Check out these options instead, and get listening.


Want music experts to curate awesome playlists? Songza is where it happens. A free streaming service available online or in the app store, Songza gives you music for all occasions, organized by playlist, and made by experts.




With its awesome grid of polka dots, Musicovery has all kinds of filters and genres to choose from. You can search through music by style, theme, period, artist, and of course…mood.



Mood, genre, or both, a great way to mix things up. If you are feeling lucky and spontaneous, you can pick the random button and see what pops up. You may just discover something new that you adore. After you make your choice, music comes up in various YouTube videos.




This online radio site has a mood search feature. You do have to sign up for this service, but then you can click on the “music matching your mood” tab and enjoy.




This site is currently under construction, but one of the best options, so I think it deserves being included here. It will be great to see the changes when it is back up and running, so be sure to bookmark this post. Previously you could search by mood, activity (a fun option), or by artist.

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Bonus! Sonica is a coming-soon app all about electronic music to match your mood, activity level, and personal tastes. Whatever you are feeling right now or want to feel, Sonica promises to deliver. Meet Sonica.

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