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5 Reasons ‘For A Good Time, Call’ Deserves A Bit More Credit

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The movie For A Good Time, Call has just hit Netflix, and if you pay any attention to terrible IMDb ratings, you might already have decided not to watch it. But I’m here to change your mind. Because that movie deserves way more credit.

It was written by ex-college roommates Lauren Miller and Katie Anne Naylon, about their experiences living together. Just all the typical roommate stuff they got up to, like sharing outfits, and talking about boys…oh yeah, and running a sex hotline.

The result is a hilarious and heartwarming movie that doesn’t get nearly the recognition it deserves. Here are just a few reasons you should be watching this film on Netflix tonight.

1. It’s about female friendship


Everyone loves “bromance” films; why shouldn’t movies about female friendship be just as popular? The love story between the two female leads is what drives the plot here — and what a great love story it is. They grab each other’s asses; they chest bump; they have a whole phone conversation that basically sounds like they’re climaxing because they just love each other that much.

2. It’s led by hilarious actors


The crazily underrated Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor are absolutely terrific as the leading characters — but it doesn’t stop there. Justin Long is brilliant in his supporting role as the pair’s rather droll best friend, and the film even has a couple of priceless cameos from Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen (Lauren Miller’s husband) as callers to the sex line.

3. It’s written by the woman who made Neighbors so funny


For A Good Time, Call is the biggest-name film Lauren Miller has written before, but she actually has a lot more to take credit for. Being married to Seth Rogen, she’s had input to some of our most beloved comedies. For example, Rose Byrne’s character in Neighbors? Yeah, we have Lauren Miller to thank for her. It was Miller who advised Rogen that the nagging-wife stereotype just isn’t that funny anymore, and instead inspired the hilarious husband-and-wife team that actually refreshed an almost-tired genre.

4. It’s really sex positive


Women in films are forced to fit into one of several categories. Two of the most common stereotypes are the uptight and prudish business woman, or the slutty bimbo — who are total opposites of each other. The business woman will get the man in the end, but only after he teaches her to let her hair down; meanwhile, he’s been banging the slutty bimbo who we all know he can never fall in love with, because she already had her sexual awakening and has since obviously lost all her brain cells.

In For A Good Time, Call, both women use a combination of sexiness and brains (who knew that was possible?!) to make themselves badass career women, and pretty successful ones at that. At no point are either of them valued by a man based on their previous sexual experience, and at no point is sex used purely as a tool for male gratification. (Yeah, even though they run a sex hotline. They are always shown participating with enthusiasm, and one of the women openly admits to masturbating while on the calls.) Sex-wise, this movie is fantastic.

5. It’s a little bit crass, but mainly just honest


For A Good Time, Call is a hilariously honest insight into sex from a female perspective (“like, who knew their stuff runs right out as soon as they’re done?”). Most of the negative reviews center around the fact this movie is just too vulgar — and yet, despite being incredibly squeamish when it comes to gross-out comedy, I found nothing to object to here. I mean, I wouldn’t quite show it to my grandmother — but it’s nothing when compared to male-centered movies like The Hangover, which are much better received.

In fact, Roger Ebert, the same film critic who criticised For A Good Time, Call for being “stupid, vulgar [and] crass,” praises The Hangover as “funny…all the way through” despite the fact it will make you “throw up.” He loved Superbad even more, saying that “in its very raunchiness, it finds truth.” The unfairness of this is obvious. If ever a movie found “truth [in] raunchiness,” it’s For A Good Time, Call—and yet, as female sexuality is still such a taboo in our society, it is viewed as unnecessarily crass.

So ignore the sexist reviews, and for a good time, Netflix this movie right away.

Emma Oulton
Emma has more books than friends, and is perfectly happy with that arrangement. After gaining her English degree, she moved to London with a husband and a dog called Hippo, and now lives in a house so filled with mismatching rugs that everyone calls it The Haberdashery. Emma works in publishing, and live-tweets her life from @ee_ohbee.

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