5 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Stephen Curry

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Stephen Curry is the favorite player of many fans around the country right now and after winning the MVP for his work during the 2014-2015 season, he might win an NBA championship to go along with it.

The All-Star point guard for the Golden State Warriors continues to be impressive in all areas of the game, but especially his 3-point shooting. He set the record again for most 3-pointers made in a single season and continues to amaze fans whenever they see him play.

While people like to talk about him a lot and he has been called the greatest shooter of all time by some people, there are still some things that not everyone knows and would find of interest.

Here is a list of 5 things that you might not know about Stephen Curry:

He chose to play his college basketball at Davidson after only receivingĀ 3 scholarships from small schools.

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

It is probably hard to believe after knowing how good he is now that Stephen Curry didn’t play for a major school while in college for those that haven’t been following him since his days in college. He was the breakout star for Davidson during a wild run in the NCAA tournament and he only played in the tournament once during his college career. In addition to Davidson, the only scholarships he received were for VCU and Winthrop, although he originally wanted to go to Virginia Tech like his dad, Dell Curry.

Despite being the current MVP and hailed as the best shooter of all time, he was only selected with the 7th pick of the 2009 draft.


The 2009 draft class had Blake Griffin and James Harden in the top 3 but sandwiched between them was former UConn big man Hasheem Thabeet, who most people have probably forgotten by now. Curry was selected with only the 7th pick, behind Ricky Rubio and former Syracuse star Johnny Flynn, who barely even played in the NBA. It is a draft that is talked about to this day and people continue to talk about how the league could be different if players were chosen differently.

He led Davidson to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1969 and they haven’t won another game in the tournament since his outstanding run to the Elite 8.

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

After choosing Davidson as the place where he wanted to play, he played with the team until leaving after his junior year. He became the all-time leader in points scored and set multiple records in terms of 3’s scored and total points. Over his three-year career with the Wildcats, he only led them to the tournament once, but he made it count when he did, becoming a star and leading them to the Elite 8, where they lost to the eventual champion, the Kansas Jayhawks. He led them to the NIT during his junior season where they lost to Saint Mary’s.


He grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and still roots for the Carolina Panthers during football season.

Photo via Twitter

Photo via Twitter

Most people probably know by now that he grew up in North Carolina, but it may come as a surprise to some people to realize that he still supports the Carolina Panthers, the NFL team that he grew up watching. He posted pictures on social media and tweeted about the team when they were in the playoffs over the past couple of years, showing love for his home and he is also friends with the players and coaches. Curry has a close relationship with the team and even has a new line of shoes out called the “panthers.”

Curry wears the same number that his dad, Dell Curry, wore when playing in the NBA.


Photo via Twitter

The relationship between Stephen Curry and his dad Dell is well documented in the media and while the two have a strong relationship, he has chosen to honor his father by wearing his number, #30. His dad played for the Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto RaptorsĀ and spent much of his NBA career with the Charlotte Hornets. His father would take both him and his younger brother Seth to games where they would participate in shoot around warmups with the team as kids.


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