5 Classic Comedy Movies Streaming On Netflix That Everyone Should See



There have been a lot of comedy movies made over the years and for some people, the classics are still the best. Younger people tend to get exposed to classic comedy movies through the older generations, but sometimes people still miss out on some of the great ones.

Some classic comedies will go completely unnoticed in a time where we are used to seeing dirty jokes and goofy gags, but the classics are still worth checking out in order to see the origins of comedy and for people who aren’t just into raunchy humor.

There have been some great comedy actors who are still highly cherished by some people such as Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen, Jack Lemon, and more. Plus, who can forget about the comedic genius of writer/director Mel Brooks, who has several movies that are still loved today and a couple that can be found on Netflix.

Check out these 5 classic comedy movies streaming on Netflix that should get any new fan started:

Charade (1963)

Although it is not held in as high of regard as some of the classic comedies, it is a somewhat underrated and excellent film starring two of the greatest actors of all time. The film is about a woman who is pursued by several men who want a fortune her murdered husband had stolen. It is filled with romance and suspense and even spoofs the mystery genre a bit. It starred Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant and also featured supporting performances from Walter Matthau and James Coburn.

The Graduate (1967)

It was the film that launched the career of Dustin Hoffman, who just about everyone knows by name at this point, and some people probably remember him from different things. He was featured as a man who just graduated from college and finds himself torn between his older lover (Anne Bancroft) and her daughter (Katharine Ross). It featured an excellent soundtrack from Simon and Garfunkel and even an appearance from William Daniels AKA Mr. Feeny as his father.

Annie Hall (1977)

Prior to his recent films, which have been a hit with people of multiple generations, Annie Hall is often regarded as his best film and as one of the best comedies of all time. It was made in a time where he still starred in all of his films and earned him an acting nomination as well as his first award for Best Director. The film focused on a neurotic New York City comedian (Allen) who falls in love with Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), an insecure and aspiring nightclub singer from the midwest. The film also starred Carol Kane, Tony Roberts, and Christopher Walken.

The Odd Couple (1968)

Two of the best comedic actors of all time, Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau, made up the amazing duo of the 1968 film. The film features two men sharing an apartment after one of them is kicked out of the house by their wife. It creates a hilarious situation as the two of them are as different as can be in terms of their housekeeping and lifestyles. The film spawned a sequel 30 years later as well as two TV remakes and it was based on the play by Neil Simon.

High Anxiety (1977)

Although it is certainly not Mel Brooks’ most popular film, it is one of only two of his films that are available to stream on Netflix and it is definitely worth checking out. He does the spoof comedy better than anyone and pioneered the genre long before Scary Movie and others came around, with this film being a perfect parody of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and others. It features a psychiatric administrator who is forced to confront his own neurotic demons and clear his name when he is framed for murder. The cast also features Madeline Kahn and Cloris Leachman.

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