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4 Scary Ways Pro-Lifers Impose on Women


There’s nothing religious people hate more than murder, unless they’re doing the murdering themselves. Religion has caused a lot of death blah blah destruction etc cruelty and then some — and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Religion is the reason gay marriage isn’t nationally legalized, and heated debates between pro-choice vs. pro-life enthusiasts rage on. The abortion issue is especially sensitive because of the whole baby-death thing, and has inspired protests, fights, billboards with little mangled fetuses on them, and some more murders in the name of God and his dawg Jesus. Here are some of the scary ways anti-choicers continue to impose upon women and the right to choose.


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There’s a difference between protesting and harassment. Protestors gather to peacefully express their disagreement, such as the protest that happened at the new Planned Parenthood in Houston, Texas. While many insist that even these are a waste of time, a person has a right to express his or her ignorance if they so choose to do so. It’s in the Constitution or something.

Harassment, on the other hand, causes trauma and, less importantly, is not legal in this country at the moment. Screaming at women as they head into or out of an abortion clinic is not only distasteful and disrespectful to fellow humans, but it also doesn’t really say much about your cause. Screaming in someone’s face when they’re already a sad, stressed out emotional wreck (abortions aren’t usually fun) is not a very loving action. The Bible says a lot about loving thy neighbor and not passing judgment; two instructions which are obviously less important than ‘try to force others into doing what you believe’ and ‘use violence if you have to’. Then again, these screamers must have had the desired effect on a few disparate souls.


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The Internet is now helping anti-choicers in frightening ways. One forum recently popped up and asked users to try and recognize and track pregnant women who were spotted visiting a Planned Parenthood location.

“Have you seen the pregnant mom? The young pregnant woman, probably in her 20′s, had a darker complexion with dyed red hair and tattoos on her neck and right shoulder. She also had some facial piercings. The woman looked obviously pregnant… please let us know immediately if you have seen a woman with this description.”

This “All Points Bulletin”, on Vigil for Life, is from a person who repeatedly harassed the woman, who probably wanted nothing to do with these people since she refused to provide her name and fled the conversation after a short time.

Vigil for Life (located in Wisconsin) is setting up a ‘crisis pregnancy center’ right across the street from the established Planned Parenthood. Better to harass you with, my dears.

This group is notorious for shouting at women as they enter abortion clinics, and even has a high-profile member who was arrested for planning an attack on Planned Parenthood. Ralph Lang wanted to ‘lay out abortionists’.


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Protest, harassment, murder, whatever. The Bible also has some stuff to say about murder, but it’s ultimately irrelevant since we should all be out killing our local abortion providers and not reading the stupid Bible.

A number of doctors have been shot and killed, with some news outlets reporting happy faces and laughter coming from anti-choicers immediately following the shootings.

One doctor, George Tiller, was ironically murdered while he attended church and his wife sang in the choir. To reiterate: he was murdered in the “house of God” by an apparent God-fearing Christian. There are no words to describe the blatant stupidity.

Knowledge-Hating Psychosis

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Two sisters quit the Girl Scouts. They were too “pro-abortion” — the girls learned truly shocking things about the organization. The sisters knew in their hearts that they could not remain dignified, modest, or pure if they joined this sinful organization.

The problem? That the Girl Scouts provided young women with information on reproductive health and birth control… among a library of other things, from female leaders to cooking recipes.

Many anti-choice individuals are very much opposed to sex education, believing that abstinence is the purest and most efficient way to educate children despite statistics which say the opposite. There was an 86% decline in teen pregnancy between 1995 and 2002, mainly due to improvements in contraceptive use.

You would think that those who are anti-choice would be pro-information — this would prevent the most pregnancies. However, it seems that religious lunatics prefer to stay ignorant, and think that their kids will as well. While this may be true regarding contraceptives, teens begin to explore sexuality on their own — whether parents like it or not. Living in denial is just another part of the psychosis.


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