4 Reasons Why Kylie Jenner Should Be Your Social Media Role Model

Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Book Signing For "Rebels"

I have a lot of respect for Kylie Jenner, which may seem surprising to some. She was thrust into the media circus at a very young age. Like, we’re talking single digits, people. Despite being the reality show equivalent of a child star, Kylie, at 17, is neither a hard partier nor a layabout. Instead, she’s a wunderkind as a fashion designer for TopShop, a published (ghost-written) author, and a young entrepreneur with her own line of hair extensions for Bellami. Did you do all that when you were 17?

Despite her achievements at an early age, girl has a lot of haters. Usually, the people who criticize Kylie go for the cheap shot: she dresses too “slutty,” she’s too young to have lip injections, she’s stupid, she’s talentless (read: “like her sisters”). I have a big problem with idiots on the Internet who make a point to tag Kylie in their insulting rants. They’re effectively bullying a 17-year-old girl—that fact cannot be denied. Because she does read them and it hurts. It affects her. It’s wrong and evil.

And it’s also false. Say what you will about her appearance/outfits/lips, but at 17 years old, girls express their sexuality in different ways. I would hate to have my teenage outfits and photos scrutinized for the world to see and plastered all over the merciless world wide web. Wouldn’t you? Yet, despite all this hatred and vitriol constantly being spewed in her direction, Kylie Jenner constantly conducts herself on the Internet with grace, poise, intelligence and the rebelliousness that is characteristic of teenagers. She could teach all of us a thing or two about how we conduct ourselves online, how to handle harsh criticism, and how to control the narrative we write for the world to see.

How she handles criticism

Like I mentioned above, Kylie has been in the media spotlight since she was 9 years old. For eight years, she’s had people comment on her every move, and often with nasty attitudes and no consideration for the fact that she’s still a child. People are quick to point out that she’s underage when she’s doing something more mature, but when she acts like a child, or like the teenager she is, the criticism is biting.  Kylie hears you, she reads your comments, and she has something to say about it.

In her interview with Teen Vogue, she said “The people who take the time to write these comments are so mean and hateful, like they just want to come at you and hurt you.” She continued, “You can read 1,000 nice comments but remember the mean one…I try to let it go in one ear and out the other and just stay positive.”

I know that when I get one less than stellar comment on anything I write, I pout all day, so I can’t even begin to imagine how this girl handles the hate.

Her intuitive take on Instagram

Kylie Jenner knows that Instagram shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Unlike most young girls her age, she knows that it’s just a version of reality, that there’s a very real disconnect between what we’re actually doing, eating, living, drinking and reading and what we want people to see on Instagram. She recently Tweeted:

Yes, Kylie. Everybody does show just want they want people to see. Very wise. We should all keep that in mind when we post our own edited lives on Instagram. 

She controls the narrative of her body.

On Instagram, Kylie is famous (infamous?) for posting gorgeous selfies. She has followed in the footsteps of her older sister Kim by peppering her fans’ feeds with bright-eyed, full-lipped photos of her face, as well as some full-body shots of her outfits and body that some have cited as evidence of exhibitionism and loose morals. Many fail to recognize that so many young girls and teenagers take so many pictures of themselves because they’re insecure.

I remember doing the same thing when I was her age: doing my makeup carefully, then whipping out my silver Canon digital camera (back before the selfie camera, alas) and taking like a dozen photos to make sure I looked pretty. Teenage years are a terrible mix of hormones, peer pressure and confusion. Imagine doing all of that growing up on a global stage. But Kylie has learned from an early age to control the narrative of her body.

She recently posted a photo of herself in a bikini on her Instagram with the caption “Behind the scenes. Yes I gained weight. There, I said it so u don’t have to.” Can you imagine being 17 and having thousands (if not millions) of people telling you you’re fat? But Kylie owned her weight gain and refused to let other people write the narrative of her body. Respect. The lesson here is to let no one make you feel bad about your body. 

She conducts herself online with maturity and grace. 

People are really into perpetuating ridiculous rumors about Kylie: that she’s engaged, pregnant, high, or dumb. I don’t know which is worse, but not only is Kylie a driven budding businesswoman, she’s also a pretty dedicated student. She Tweeted this a while ago:    

Kylie’s maturity shows through in her social media narrative, through which she tries to remain graceful and without mirroring the level of spite and vitriol thrown at her. Learn from Kylie that criticism should just roll off your back, never let people make you feel bad about yourself, and that no one should judge you.

So think twice next time you’re tempted to rant online about Kylie. She definitely doesn’t do everything right. Like all teenagers, she makes mistakes and is sometimes bratty, sometimes spoiled. But hey, at 17, I was too. Solidarity, sister. Kylie, I got your back.

Also, I’ll just leave this here:

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