4 Reasons To Fight The FOMO Today


MissingOutImg_1-900x578FOMO is the strongest force in the galaxy, as strong as gravity and lightsabers. We all know the feeling: all of our friends have congregated at the local watering hole, and you’re either at work, sick, have worse plans, or you’re just exhausted and would rather stay home.

So you skip it. And then it starts to happen…

The social media. Instagrams appear, captions littered with the beer, wine, and cocktail emojis. Snapchat videos are incoherent, dark, and filled with your favorite club songs. Texts come in the form of an inscrutable language called Wasted, and you’re all alone, fighting pangs of annoyance, insecurity and frustration known colloquially as FOMO.

FOMO makes us do strange things, like stay out until 7 a.m. wearing costumes and puking in random places. FOMO makes us jump on all the bandwagons, and then try to jump between them (because at that point we’re too drunk to care). FOMO controls our lives, and our bank accounts. FOMO must be stopped.


1. Because BED

I am in a deep, committed relationship with my bed, and sometimes I let others in on this action, like my pillows and blankets. There’s nothing better for the fight against FOMO than shutting off your phone and going to sleep at 11:30 on a Friday night.

2. Because it looks more fun than it is

When you’re out a bar, dealing with your pinching heels, your too-drunk pals, expensive drinks and bad music, you’re probably going to take a few selfies or group shots, post them on Instagram and hashtag #BestNightEver, even when it totally isn’t. FOMO is sometimes completely unwarranted.

Imagine succumbing to the evil power of FOMO, taking a shower, leaving your house in real clothes and joining your buds at the bar, only to realize that they’re all having a crappy night. You would much rather have stayed at home. See reason #1.

3. Because you can catch ‘em next time

There will ALWAYS be a next time, when you’re much less tired/gross/lame. Giving into the FOMO every time only makes sure you’ll burn yourself out. Sometimes it’s okay to say no, recharge, and know that this is probably the best choice.

Then you can make awesome, epic plans for next week and make sure that your expectations live up to reality.

4. Because sometimes a night in is better than a night out

If FOMO is too strong and just seriously getting you down, gently suggest to your friends that they join you in your dark, comfy cave called Home. Every time I’ve done that, I’ve received overwhelmingly positive responses which have resulted in many nights spent at home in jammies, with friends, drinking wine and watching The Little Mermaid. Sometimes everyone else is fighting FOMO just as much, and just like you, would rather just stay home. See reason #1.

FOMO is strong in my family…

Lisa Lo Paro
Lisa is a freelance writer and bibliophile living on the outskirts of New York City. She likes 2 a.m. with a good book, takes cream in her coffee and heavily filters her photos. Check out her blog The Most Happy, her Instagram, and Twitter.

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