4 Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Were Christians

23349 Martin Sheen. Originals.

Hollywood is known for promoting anti-Christian values. However, there are some celebrities who strongly adhere to their Christian faith. Below are four celebrities that are very devout Christians:

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington rarely speaks openly about his faith, but he is indeed a very devout Christian. He is the son of a Pentecostal minister and it has been reported that he donated 2.5 million dollars to his home church. Washington was also featured on The Bible Experience. The Bible Experience is an audio Bible that features some of the most popular African-American celebrities. Denzel Washington also stated in a 1999 interview that he could possibly become a preacher one day.

Angela Bassett

Guilty Viewing Pleasures: Strange Days

Angela Basset is known for portraying iconic women in movies, but many fans may not know that she is a very committed Christian. She attends West Angeles Church of God in Christ, which is the same church that Denzel Washington attends. Basset is also featured on The Bible Experience.

In a 2008 interview with the L.A. Times, Basset had the following to say about her faith, “When you realize that every breath is a gift from God. When you realize how small you are, but how much he loved you. That he, Jesus, would die, the son of God himself on earth, then you…you just weep.”

Martin Sheen

23349 Martin Sheen. Originals.

Martin Sheen, who was born as Ramon Antonio Gerardo Estevez, is known for his liberal political beliefs. That is why people may be surprised to find out that is a Christian. He was raised as a Roman Catholic, and although he did stray from the church, he returned after he suffered an illness. Sheen had the following to say to an interviewer, “It doesn’t really matter how much of the rules or the dogma we accepted and lived by if we’re not really living by the fundamental creed of the Catholic Church. That is service to others and finding God in ourselves and then seeing God in everyone–including our enemies.”

Ralph Winter

X-Men Producer Ralph Winter Visits VFS

Ralph Winter is a well-known Hollywood producer. He has produced some of the most popular films of all time including The X-Men Trilogy, The Fantastic Four and The Planet of the Apes. He has also produced Left Behind, which is a Christian film.

When Winter was asked about his role in Hollywood and the Christian community, he had the following to say, “I have been placed in this job for a purpose, and I am just trying to make great movies and keep my eyes on Him. I don’t deserve any praise….It is definitely all God’s hand that I get to do this. And who knows how long this will last.” It is reported that Winter has made over 1.6 billion dollars during his Hollywood career, but is obvious that his massive wealth has not detracted him from his faith. In addition to producing films, he makes time to speak at conferences and prayer breakfasts.

Contrary to popular belief, it is very possible for one to be a practicing Christian and work in Hollywood. Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Martin Sheen and Ralph Winter are just a few of the many celebrities who do actively practice their faith.

Mark Yancy is an ordained Christian minister and guest author at christianbiblecolleges.org, a site with guides and resources to top-rated Christian Bible colleges online.

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