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34 Crazy Laws That Are Still in Effect both at Home and Abroad



Most people want to be law abiding but it turns out that that may be more difficult than you think – there are tons of ridiculous laws still on the law books all over the world. Today we bring you the craziest laws that are still in effect both at home and abroad:

17 Crazy Laws At Home


  1. In Quitman, Georgia it’s no joking matter when it’s illegal for chickens to cross the road
  2. Over in Carrizozo, New Mexico they may have been worried after watch The Planet of the Apes when they made it illegal for a woman to go out in public… without shaving
  3. In Washington they’d obviously had a liquid lunch when they decided it would be against the law to harass Bigfoot
  4. In Eureka, Nevada we’re back to shaving problems where it’s illegal to kiss a woman if you have a mustache
  5. In Utah they’re licensing octogenarian incest with a law that prevents cousins from marrying before their 65th birthdays
  6. In Gainsville, Georgia they don’t like cutlery for some reason and have made it illegal to consume chicken with anything but your hands
  7. Idaho is tackling the obesity problem and has made it illegal for a man to give his fiancé more than 50lbs of candy in a single box
  8. Over in San Antonio, Texas it must be hard to get a date when flirting is forbidden by law
  9. Indiana’s law makers clearly hadn’t seen a breath mint when they decreed it would be illegal to attend public events or use public transport if you’d eaten garlic and/or onions in the previous 4 hours
  10. Wyoming must have some seriously publicity shy wildlife because it’s not allowed to take a photo of a rabbit without an official permit but this is only true from January to April – for the rest of the year you can snap with impunity
  11. Alabama has nature on its mind too where bear wrestling matches are strictly prohibited
  12. North Carolina, may have our favorite peculiar law, singing off key is a punishable offence – we’re not sure how you would enforce this but we welcome all attempts to do so
  13. Rhode Island seems to have issues with dental hygiene because you can’t sell both toothpaste AND a toothbrush to the same person on a Sunday – it’s one or the other only
  14. Texas, very sensibly in our opinion, prevents people from selling their own eyeballs
  15. Paulding, Ohio is very concerned with the safety of their police officers so they made it legal for a cop to bite a dog but only on the grounds that she thinks it will calm the dog down
  16. North Carolina, is concerned citizens playing bingo might be overwhelmed by the excitement of the game and limits all games to a maximum of 5 hours
  17. Washington has rather more faith in criminals than we do; there’s a law that says a motorist who intends to do something criminal must stay at the city limits and phone a chief of police to inform them they are coming into town


And 17 Crazy Laws Abroad

14 - Sex Before Marriage

  1. In Dubai it’s illegal to have sex outside of marriage – which we guess means that there’s no sex at all in the emirate. One nasty consequence of this law is that rape victims are guilty of a criminal offence and are considered equally culpable with their rapist.
  2. There are only two places in the world where you can’t legally get divorced. The first, Vatican City, isn’t really a problem but, the second, The Philippines is.
  3. It’s against the law to step on money in Thailand because it’s considered to be disrespectful to the king.
  4. Singapore has made chewing gum illegal but has an exception for medical chewing gum. There’s a 2 year jail sentence for pharmacists that sell this gum without running an ID check on the customer first.
  5. China made it illegal for children not to visit their parents and requires them to go home regularly by law. They must also attend to their parent’s “spiritual needs” while they’re there.
  6. In the United Kingdom it’s absolutely forbidden to, ahem, “handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances”
  7. It’s also against the law in the UK for anyone to allow one of their pets to mate with a pet belonging to a member of the royal family
  8. Incredibly those somewhat bonkers Brits also made it a criminal offence to die in the Houses of Parliament – good luck with enforcing the punishment with that
  9. Hong Kong decided to even the law out on domestic abuse and if a wife comes home and finds her husband being unfaithful she can legally murder him. There’s a catch though – she must only use her hands to kill him – no weapons allowed.
  10. Sweden, Iceland and Norway have legal prostitution but it’s a criminal offence to use the services of a prostitute
  11. Over in Victoria, Australia their household bills must be astronomical as you can’t change a light bulb without using a registered electrician to do it
  12. Those wonderful Swiss, however, decided that jail time was necessary for scoundrels who flush the toilet after 10 p.m.
  13. In Russia, you can go to prison for telling children about the existence of homosexuals
  14. The French pay homage to their famous (and ultimately defeated) General Napoleon by making it a criminal offence to name a pig after him
  15. Argentine nightclubs must be strange places because there’s a law that requires, no matter what music is played for the audience, that the club must play an equal amount of the tango
  16. Australia has strict rules for transvestites who may go out in public but must not under any circumstances, unless they wish to face the full penalty of the law, wear a strapless dress
  17. In some parts of India a man who is in debt may offer his wife as security until the debt is paid in full


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