30 Historical Figures Recreated in Lego

Guess who? Gotta love the combover and the stern expression!

If you thought a star on Hollywood Boulevard or being on the cover of Vogue was a sign of celebrity status, think again. The new benchmark is whether you’ve been recreated in Lego yet. Many famous (and infamous) personalities have been presented with their Lego counterparts, showing astonishing similarities.

Whoever came up with this was either a genius or had too much time on their hands. Or both. Fact is, there are loads out there and even our list of 30 Lego celebs is not exhaustive, just a best-of, grouped by the field or occupation they’re famous for. Unfortunately, none of these Lego celebs are for sale. Too bad. Would have made a cool collection and made for some strange encounters. Imagine George Bush meeting the Great Houdini on your shelf?

Singers – Dead and Alive

Michael Jackson
When everyone’s yellow, it don’t matter if you’re black or white…

When MJ’s around, the Material Girl can’t be far…

Amy Winehouse
Like Madonna, the Amy Winehouse minifig marked the 30th anniversary of Lego. The first Lego figures were available for sale in 1978; unfortunately these ones will not go on sale.

Jim Morrison
Shirtlessly irresistible, even in Lego.

Janis Joplin
Oh Lord, won’t you buy me… a colorful shirt.

We’d love to see the fainting Lego groupies.

John Lennon
A bit Harry Potterish…

Actors and Other Entertainers

John Travolta and Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction
Cool dudes.

Steve Irwin
You can just hear him shout ‘Crikey!’

Judy Garland
A 1:1 match.

Bruce Lee
Cool and determined.


The Great Houdini
Slightly mad looking.

Politicians and Activists

Martin Luther King, Jr.
A dream in Lego.

Nelson Mandela
Determined and stylish.

The rendition’s as simple as it is ingenious.

Chairman Mao says…

George W. Bush
More loveable in Lego.

Fidel Castro
The devil’s in the details.

Historical Figures

Abraham Lincoln
He’s looking quite grumpy…

Benjamin Franklin
…The founding father – not at all.

Joan of Arc
One of the few Lego women.

Marie Curie
Let’s help Joan out with this famous scientist; firm yet stylish.

Leonardo da Vinci
The genius in Lego.

Looking much taller in Lego.

Vasco da Gama
The adventurous spirit has been captured well.

Richard the Lionheart
That’s not a chainsaw in his hand but a sword.

From the historical to the biblical – did Noah really look like Dumbledore?

Haven’t had enough yet? Apart from searching the intertubes for more, you can also raid your daughter’s/sons, niece’s/nephew’s or brother’s/sister’s Lego set. Just take a marker and create your own!

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