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26 Creepy Photobombs


What’s better than a photobomb? A really creepy one, especially if it’s unintentional. Every cool party has that one smelly old man who gets wasted by himself and spends the night teetering uncomfortably close to hot girls less than half his age. Why doesn’t anyone kick this guy out? Maybe because he creates a number of fantastic photo opportunities — namely, the creepy photobomb.

Photobombs can give us completely unwanted insight into the sad, hairy and disfigured lives of others. It’s also a big source of ‘WTF’. WTF is that guy doing? WTF are those girls doing!? WTF happened after the picture was taken? Hopefully, the answer to that last one isn’t ‘rape’. Here are 26 creepy photobombs you’re relieved not to be in.


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