Watch a $25,000 Pair Of Undefeated x Air Jordan IVs Get Disrespected


If you are an avid follower of the sneaker collection movement, AKA a Sneakerhead, you are probably very familiar with Mayor and his vast collection of hard and impossible to find sneakers. His closet literally features millions of dollars in collectible shoes.

With such a vast collection and deep respect for the sneaker collection movement, you would think that Mayor would choose to delicately handle each and every pair of shoes in his prized collection.. Instead, the famed collector recently chose to fully disrespect a $25,000 pair of Undefeated x Air Jordan IVs.

Sneaker Watch recently paid a visit to Mayor’s home, where they were invited to an inside look at one of the craziest collections in existence.

Mayor Disrespecting his shoe collection

During the closet tour, Mayor reminds Sneakerheads that it’s all about wearing your sneakers. At one point, he flips over the sneakers to show the wear and tear on the sole. He then bends forward a toe, causing deep creases to form in front of our very eyes.

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