’24’ Spinoff Is In Development, But Without Jack Bauer As The Main Character

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24 ran its course and had great success for several years with Kiefer Sutherland in the role of Jack Bauer, but now it sounds like Fox may be developing a spinoff to the series without its main character.

It is a bit hard to fathom a series that is related to 24 in any way that does not have Kiefer Sutherland or the character of Jack Bauer as its star, but the untitled spinoff series is set to revolve around a new character, a twentysomething male terrorist hunter.

However, on the bright side for 24 fans and Jack Bauer lovers, the character is set to make guest appearances throughout the upcoming series. The news of the spinoff series was confirmed by 24 showrunner Howard Gordon at the Critics Choice TV Awards, which took place on Sunday night.

Some fans are already showing their disgust for a spinoff that does not feature Jack Bauer.

The spinoff series has been rumored for a while, and just last month Gordon told Yahoo TV that it would maintain the real-time concept that made the series so unique and popular and that it will be done in the same tradition as the original series as well.

24‘s spinoff will feature the new and younger male character who will work alongside a veteran female agent. However, it will not be a character fans are familiar with, although Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate Morgan character may show up at some point.

The series is set to air first as a limited series the same way that 24: Live Another Day did last year, but with the hopes of lasting for a long time just as 24 did. The original series lasted for 8 seasons from 2001 until 2010 and the franchise also featured the TV film 24: Redemption.

Although the popularity may have worn off for some fans of the series, the news of the spinoff could help to boost the ratings for Fox for the old fans that are still attached to 24.

The 24 spinoff series will likely make waves on Fox when it is released, and with The X-Files reboot coming to the network as well, Fox could be a competitor over the next year.

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