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21 Musicians Who Sucked But Were Successful Anyway


If pop culture is the bloated, stinking corpse formed from the refuse of modern society, money is the necromantic spell that keeps it moving. For every Martin Scorsese, there are several hundred Michael Bays. For every Bob Dylan, there are hundreds of Nickelbacks. While they are quickly forgotten and shoved under the rug in embarrassment once the decade’s up, we are nonetheless forced to put up with them because… well, because money. In the same way that many people would sell a kidney for the tens of thousands of dollars it would fetch in an open market, as long as something makes money, people will continue to package, market and sell it, no matter how heinous. So while we’re on the topic of putrescent refuse and ripping out organs, let’s talk about some of the worst musicians in history that nonetheless managed to make obscene amounts of money.

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